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  1. New sellers have 7 gigs and Level-01 sellers has 10 gigs in an account.
  2. Yes you can but you need to change your URL type. You need to short your URL. You can use URL shortener for this?
  3. I have response time 60%. I have responded a buyer in 1 minute. But I see my response rate is there at 60%.
  4. You need to contact to fiverr customer service(seller account)✌️
  5. Another tips? What do you want to know? I can’t give you all tips. But I try to give you.
  6. Did you have any Fiverr Account before? If yes, Do you added the social networking sites on that fiverr account.? So, You can’t add them on Your new fiverr account.
  7. You can tell it to fiverr support team.
  8. You need to do gig marketing on Social Networking sites. By that you can get order or buyer request on fiverr.😊
  9. I spent daily 2 hours on fiverr forum. So I want to know that can I get orders on my gigs. Can I get client or customer on fiverr by fiverr forum?
  10. I have given favorites to all of your gig and opened separately for increasing your gig’s clicks and views.😊
  11. You cannot edit gigs after 32 hours and before 15 days. Because after 32 Hours your Gigs are in ranking. So, you should follow that.🙂
  12. Don’t share your mail address with him. It’s not harmful when he gives you the mail address.🙂
  13. I ask the buyer to respond fast. Because we love to do work or projects on fiverr. You will tell the client to respond as soon as possible​:slightly_smiling_face:🙂
  14. That e-mail is what you’re used for opening the fiverr account. But don’t give any email to the client. It’s harmful for your account. You can give him another social media’s link, where he can contact with you
  15. You can share your gig links in to social Networking sites and tell your friends to give favorite and open all gigs in new tabs. By that the rate of your gigs views, clicks, and Favorites will be increase gradually.
  16. But what can I do now? If you give me some suggestions I will be happy
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