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  1. agreed, we need it urgently.
  2. Welcome to the fiverr forum. Stay active. Best wishes for you 😀
  3. Hello, Recently I’m facing some issues, my gig ratings and the order complication rates are getting low for some issues, how can I improve this. is it possible to increase to 5 star again? how many orders should I complete to increase the order completion rates from 80 to 90? Thanks
  4. Do SEO in your gig, its mendatory and try to get order by sending buyer request. You can do marketing in social media. Thanks
  5. Previous: 200+ per day Now: 10 to 15 per day :roll_eyes:
  6. I checked it several times, but it is still there.:roll_eyes:
  7. Welcome, Buddy. Hope you will get an order soon
  8. Recently, I am facing a problem with Fiverr buyer request. There is always an active buyer request notification. But technically, no request is activated. What’s the issue? Is it a bug of Fiverr? :roll_eyes:
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