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  1. I created my fiverr account almost 2 years ago. I signup my account with a google account, which means I didn’t signup directly. I can’t remember that did I verify my fiverr account with my NID or not, so my question is how do I check that my Fiverr account is verified or not?
  2. you will get level on January 14 if you fulfill all the requirements. you just do wait.
  3. Hi, One of my gigs is on the 9th page when it is searched with the targetted keyword. I want to bring this gig to the first page, so what are the best ideas for it?
  4. I basically do marketing at Twitter, linkedin, instagram, quora, reddit etc but do not get enough impression as my expectation.
  5. I think fiverr should put an option to increase gig price. Editing is just a poor system. What do you think?
  6. I want to increase my gig price. So, will I edit my gig? or is there any other option for increasing gig price? What is this?
  7. Some things are very important for a new seller: Creation of 7 gigs.Attractive gig imageKeyword researchSocial Media marketingActive all time on fiverr & forum.Sending buyer request.
  8. Same here. Passing 100+ days without a single order in an old id but new gig
  9. A few days ago, I deleted my old gigs and create new some, but the problem is I’m not getting enough impression. I got an average of 100 impressions per gig for the last 7 days. I’m doing marketing to social media sites in a proper way. So, dear experts what can I do now?
  10. Thanks for informing us the great news.
  11. I’m also a graphic designer. I created text based image one and service based image another. but the fact is service based image looks better.
  12. First trick is, stay online on fiverr atleast 15 hours a day. 2nd trick is, do your gig marketing to social network sites. 3rd trick is, stay most of time on fiverr forum 4th trick is, send buyer request 5th trick is, use backlink of you gig
  13. Hi fiverr expert, for a fiverr gig which kind of fiverr image you think better to use? I create a picture using canva.com which I use some texts to highlight my gig service. On the other hand, I created another gig in which I have used an image from pixabay that reveals my service. So, Which gig picture you think better? Thanks
  14. Send buyer request, add attractive thumbnail, do social media marketing, blacklink, and active on fiverr and forum for a long time.
  15. I created a new gig but for some reason, I have edited this gig. One of the reasons is video adding. Will it impact on my gig rank?
  16. 2 weeks really isn’t a long time. It’s not as if you’ll never be able to get back up to 5*. Thank you brother for inspire me!
  17. Thank you brother! I actually don’t delete my account. I can understand it now. One of my expert brother has also forbidden me to do this. Thanks again for your valueable suggestion.
  18. I agree with you brother but now I’m not thinking about breaking Fiverr TOS. Actuall, 2 weeks ago I did a project of one. He became happy on my service and left a good review for my but gave 4 ratings on my service. Due to this, my best seller gig got 4.7 rating and my profile earned 4.8 rating altogether. Since then I’m not getting any single order even a message from fiverr’s buyers. I’m a little bit hopeless now. So, I decided to do this.
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