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  1. That is 167 buyer’s requests sent per month, for two years = 4000. 😮
  2. You should have concentrated on Gigs Improvements rather than robotic task…( sending 4000 buyer requests)😑
  3. Hi everyone! I joined Fiverr a few days ago. Wandering around here in forum & discovering a lot from Levelled Up Sellers. At first, I was disappointed 😞 after learning that a lot of scammers are ruining a lot of sellers. Besides, Few buyers are cheating on new sellers. That’s dreadful news to new sellers. Again, I noticed a lot of devoted experienced Sellers are helping newbies. They are guiding, welcoming, linking to threads, etc. They are reaching to new members the way we reach to buyers. That’s a pretty hopeful sight in this great forum. Thanks, those Sellers who are volunteering Us.💚
  4. Totally agree keyword does matter…because people just don’t hyperlink,they want perfect result. And that’s why they search.
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