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  1. Thanks for sharing about voice typing. I was unaware of it.
  2. Hello freelancers, As we all know, we cannot make multiple accounts on Fiverr. We have to include all of our freelancing skills in one profile. Instead of this, what if Fiverr adds a feature in which we can create different profiles for different services in one account? Right now, I’m providing content writing service, but I’m also thinking about learning any other skill and sell on this great platform. What are your thoughts on this, do we need this kind of update? :thinking:
  3. If you had used the delivery button, Fiverr might have tried to understand the situation and could have helped you. But, now, the buyer got his money back 😐
  4. This was your mistake. If you don’t deliver using delivery button, the clock will keep tickling even if you have delivered on time. Here, the buyer took advantage of this and cancelled the order by stating seller failed to deliver on time.
  5. You joined the Forum 7 days ago and your reading time is 2 hours in total. Caught red handed :rofl:
  6. Buyer and seller providing same service doesn’t mean it is fake review. There are many sellers who sometimes outsource their work due to work-load.
  7. Hey freelancers, Have anyone tried promoting gigs through any paid promotion tool? If yes, what was the result of that paid promotion? I want to boost my Fiverr sales using paid promotion tools, please suggest me some less costly and result-effective promotion methods. Thank you 🙂
  8. No orders from last 6 months??? Your recent delivery shows 7 days ago. Should I consider this technical error by Fiverr? :thinking:
  9. It also warns when we use words like “PAY” or “MONEY”
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