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  1. hi sellers i am new on fiverr and using fiverr since two months . i got three orders for 5,5$ i spend weeks to work on these project and completed the project as per requirement of the buyers. when i delivered the work the buyer cancel the order . and payment gets refunded . i declined the request of buyer to cancel the order but still my order gets cancelled by the customer support of fiverr. Q: please tell me what should i do.
  2. Hi, hope you all are fine and doing great on fiverr. I am new at fiverr and using this platform since march.in first few days i get bored from this site because i did not get any order or any response from the buyers due to this i disheart. then i started research about fiverr means how to get improved.I read different blogs and watch different youtube videos which makes me motivated so i still using fiverr and i am sending buyer request , improving my gigs day by day and hope so i will definetly get an order very soon. one great thing i must say that the sellers of fiverr are very polite and very humble to every new seller.they give different advices to new comers to make them up. so i must thankyou to all of you for being humble to new ones. nazir
  3. i am student.i can’t spend 15 hours easily.but i take your suggestion seriously.and spend more time thanks alot for your important tip 🙂
  4. i have joined fiverr last month on suggestion of my friend. First few days i get bored from this site but after reading some blogs and watching videos of different youtubers i really get motivated. i still spend 4-5 hours on fiverr. sending request to buyers. improving my gigs all the time. thinking about different ideas. hope so i will get the orders very soon . nazir
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