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  1. Thank you very much. I supposed to add my personal website link to the description. If I did it my gig will be denied. Thanks again for your information.
  2. Hi, everybody. I created a gig related to photoshop work. I got very fewer orders in the last 5 months. As a new seller, I don’t have many reviews and ratings as much as required. So I have to show my skills and what I can do. Fiverr allow us to add three images, one pdf file, and a short video. I think this isn’t enough to present skills. So is it legal to add my portfolio website link in the gig description? Is it against to Fiverr rules? Waitings for a response. Thank you.
  3. Your “gig ranking” depends upon your gig performance (see your Analytics page). Repeatedly editing your gig will not make you rank better. There are no ways to cheat the system and steal your way to a better search ranking. The only way to “rank better” is to be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work on time, that earns positive reviews. There are other factors as well, but Fiverr keeps those confidential, and does not share them with sellers – for obvious reasons. thank you for valuable information
  4. Nope. There is none. Be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work on time, which earns positive reviews. This process will take time, and a great deal of work. There are no shortcuts to cheat your way to success. You can rank your gig well, by earning your gig ranking. Hello, Jonbaas. If I edit the gig several times after publishing, does it negatively affect gig ranking?
  5. It’s true. photo editing is very competitive niche. It’s takes three months to get my first order. Still I am getting very less orders.
  6. Have you been late delivering your gigs? Lateness counts for performance, the same goes for cancellations. I also see you have 8 Orders in Queue. Also, you have clone gigs: I Will Do Contacts List, Internet And Market Research For USA Business I Will Find Contacts List And Do Market Research For USA Or Europe Business I Will Find Market, Business Data Through Deep Market Research #1 and #2 are too similar to #3. Perhaps #3 could be global. Either way, I think you’re doing great. Are clone gigs effects to other gigs ranking? Please explain a little more about it. It will help more new sellers. waiting for your response. Thank you very Much.
  7. Thank you very much for your information.
  8. There are two main lists to get level one seller. Complete at least 10 individual orders (all time)Earn at least $400To get level one seller tag should I complete both or complete any one of them?
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