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  1. @sldesign937 I did contact Payoneer Customer Support Service at 2 time but they did not remove. They wanted to know a reason that, why I want to remove payoneer from fiverr? First time i told them this payoneer is my brother account so now i want to add my won account. They reject this reason. They told they can not remove for this reason. And another day I told them I will not work in fiverr they also told they can not remove for this reason. Which is perfect reason I’ll tell them so that they will remove?
  2. @psychicbunny Same to you. I’m also waiting for level one
  3. I see that fiverr update. They add a business tool option, But i don’t know how it work?
  4. If I send a lot of Buyer requests but do not get any order, will my account be suspended?
  5. Wash and wait. You know that at the present time the contestants are so much more like that. Don’t worry Stay tuned.
  6. I think you can rest assured that while you made a somewhat unorthodox entry to the forum, no one has any hard feelings. You are all good. 🙂
  7. But, it’s not YOUR experience, it’s someone else’s experience you copied and pretended it was yours. Why did you do that? Do you know how that makes you appear? Sorry for that. I wanted to share an experience. Okay next time i don’t do that.
  8. Your account only has two reviews, and you do not have any “pro” gigs. I wonder how you earned five figures a month with just two reviews. :thinking: What currency is your five-figure earnings in? Iranian Rial? (5 USD = 210,525 Iranian Rial). Also, your entire post is copied from here. :roll_eyes: There’s nothing original in what you just posted… just blatant plagiarism. Yes brother…I just share an experience. If it’s not helpful i don’t post same again.
  9. well, good question. you simply share your gigs link in freelanced group, and mentioned your services as text in it. it will be easy and more effective, rest of things will be paid, when you get enough reviews you don’t need anymore such effort for getting order based on your links and based on reviews.
  10. At least 60 days. You can read TOS of fiverr which briefly explain the requirements to become level one seller.
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