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  1. I made one for myself. it would be awesome if fiverr had there own merch
  2. Welcome brother . Send buyer requests everyday, hopefully you will get orders soon
  3. same problem. still no reply from support. Its been more than 12 days.
  4. Thanks guys my problem was solved… they have fixed it within 15mins…
  5. I am facing the same problem… Contacted fiverr support. How long does it take them to reply??
  6. buyer request is frozen at active 1 and the request is not showing. i didn’t remove any buyer requests Its been 12 hours. What should I do?
  7. as my case is different from others i thought it would be a wise option to open up a new discussion …
  8. well i did but those information was of no use
  9. Hi ! i have opened my account back in December But created a Gig 2 days ago and i haven’t received a single buyer request yet ! can anyone explain me why??
  10. Why i am not getting any buyer request?? not even after creating a gig ! Can anyone please explain me Thanks
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