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  1. The buyer can’t find the find the accept button for milestone delivery. I think He is new in milestone. So, anyone can help me to show me process in where the can find the accept button in milestone delivery.
  2. Hi, all how are you. I want to know about what I can share in inbox during chatting with the buyer. Is it shareable thee zoom link, or TeamViewer, anydesk? Please let me know. Advance thanks.
  3. @sujon_wp Please complete 7gigs for your betterment.
  4. Here seller wants success in one day. But they don’t think patience is the another investment to gain a success. Please be patient and active fiverr.com & forrum also share your gig in social media in a proper way. Success Will come…
  5. Hello, have you made any change on your gig after completion your order or have you get all 5 star?
  6. Have you made any change on your gig?If yes, then it will effect your gig.
  7. I’m new on Fiverr. Many seller telling me to ans the Buyer requests. But Most of the Buyer requests are vanishing before submitting one. What can I do???
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