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  1. @daniyalzafar, If you want to convert buyers into clients, have a great gig, that captures buyer attention, and provides the services they are looking for.

    There are no easy tips that instantly result in success. You build your own success by setting goals and achieving them.

    Is it good if i make two gigs with different wordings and same service for same category…???

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  2. You may not want to hear this, but your gig performance is the only thing that will make it show up in a better place within the search system. You are going to have to have a great gig, that draws in customers, and results in great reviews if you want to “show up [well] in search”. You can generally work towards this by marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers who need your services.

    What will be the tips by which i can convert impressions into orders???

  3. Actually, NEVER give your work away for free. If a buyer is not willing to pay for the work that you create for them, then you should not be working for them. Giving your work away for free it like inviting nefarious buyers to take advantage of you. Your work has value – get paid for it.

    For initial orders can we give extra service for free, will it make a good impression on buyer to contact me for service.

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  4. Thank you for nice tips. I already got 2 orders in one day.

    Just read your thread regarding not getting orders. As i’m new on Fiverr (4th Day) and I’m ACCA Qualified but after preparing my gigs once getting all the great tips still i’m not been able to grab any order. I want to know what changes you made at that time which helps you in getting orders…??? Thanks

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