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  1. Less number of gig give you more order if you expert on that skilled and you got order every day. Otherwise you can create more gig related your interest then promote your gig. Or you spend more time to your less number of gig. If you spend more time to few of gig you can promote your gig properly and interact with buyer easily and made huge order.
  2. When you open a new gig must seo your gig image, put tergated keyword in descrption 3 times and add suggested teg. Must promote your gig facebook, twitter, linkedin every day, post your gig realeted in forum blog. Do it at least one week properly and check your gig performance
  3. Actually I’m looking this kind of information how & where i promote my gigs
  4. You need to promote your gig by own and must need marketing your gig continuously. Don’t forget to SEO your gig when open a new gig.
  5. A few days ago got another big project. Successfully deliver the project and ensure that we work together to his next projects with a good review
  6. I have lots of local clients. even though I’m under pressure because of this marketing
  7. thanks for giving us a good tips. i thought it will create more value for me.
  8. Definitely worked. I have some several issue.
  9. If you have enough knowledge about category you can build your freelancing Carrier using Fiverr. To promote your service the following Tips will help you better. Forum posting Related to your niche.Promote your service on largest facebook marketing groups.Use Blog Comment.Social BookmarkingArticle submission to related sites.Finally you can use Fiverr forum.Overall Fiverr is long time marketplace so you need to patient to reach the success.
  10. if you know about the job you can otherwise provide the job who have experience.
  11. It looks like you are not aware on how chargebacks works and that fiverr is not a mediator in this and has no decision power. now i know this they have way to get back money if have considerable reason. thanks
  12. exactly. i said here why chargeback because of the buyer cancel this order. but the seller already work 7 days and he return all money that is order value. so now what the seller got from here??
  13. its means when a buyer report on fiverr aginist a seller fiverr don’t judge anything i think this is pair
  14. there have no secret just marketing your gig as much you can. thats it. and there have no special.
  15. it’s not disable, when you have option to put package on that page top left of the package chart have option to on 3 package or one package. just turn on either for 3 or off for 1. that’s all.
  16. share your gig as much you can. if possible you can prefare a routine for 20 days. this 20 days you only promote your no other thins. and try to promote some or little bit unique way. hope you will got more sale
  17. promote your gigs in social media thats most important and do blog comment, forum posting then see improvement
  18. congratulate man for successfully complete 2 order with 5 star feedback. don’t be worry just be active do some marketing or promote your gigs in various flatform.
  19. just promote your gig on social media, blog comment, forum posting hope you got more sell
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