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  1. But at some point’s recommendations are useless, if i want to use Amazon Product recommendation Fiverr only show Amazon which doesn’t clear my services. And i never use any keyword without Fiverr recommendations that’s why now i am asking if i use my own then is it possible to rank?
  2. Hi! I created a gig about 2/months ago and i got very good impressions + view + click. But now the same gig is gone down 😦 Now i have a question how can i select keyword for my new gig? When type i got some recommendations is a box like if i write Youtube Banner the recommendation will be like (YouTube Cover) so the question is it good practice to use my own keyword (without recommendation) or should i follow Fiverr recommendation? Kindly share your thoughts. Thanks!
  3. Hi I have a payonerr account on 6-6-2019 i decided to link my payoneer account with my Fiverr profile so i can withdraw my earning. I click on Fiverr Revenue card and link my account and got this message (attached screenshot) Now i don’t know what is the next step i taught i have to wait but 6 days are gone still didn’t receive any e-mail or anything. Guide me what’s the next step?Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a account on Payoneer so on 6/8/2019 i decided to attached my payoneer card with my fiverr account to withdraw my earnings. Here is screenshot How long do i have to wait more?? Looking forward to hear from you.Thanks!
  5. Hy! I am getting around 300(DAILY) impression on one of my gig but the click and view are very low (as you can see in attached image) so i want to know does it mean that my Gig Thumbnail isn’t able to attract audience?:thinking: Kindly let me know Looking forward to hear from you guys.🙂 Thanks
  6. That’s a horrible attitude to have. Just because there are thousands of people offering gigs that violate the law, it doesn’t mean you jump on the bandwagon, too. Don’t go by the gigs you see on Fiverr. There are thousands of sellers creating gigs everyday, and Fiverr might find it hard to sift through all of them and weed out gigs that are violating the ToS as and when they’re created. So, it is possible that you might find gigs on Fiverr that are violating the ToS (they will be removed from Fiverr sooner than later; when that happens, Fiverr will also issue ToS warnings to the creators of those gigs). But, just because there are plenty of gigs offering things that are in violation of the ToS, it doesn’t mean you can create a gig offering something unlawful, too (as you have noticed, it gets you in trouble with Fiverr staff). Source your information directly from Fiverr’s Terms of Service to make sure you’re not violating the terms in any way. To be honest, you should be fortunate that Fiverr didn’t disable your account or ban you. I don’t get why you added a frowning emote in your title. What else were you expecting to happen after violating the ToS? Thanks i don’t know much about this, i am learning some creative skills so now i will come up with new strengths. Once again thanks.
  7. “There are alot of different services you can offer. carry on bro.” Such as?
  8. Hi Guys, Today Fiverr removed my gig(as you can see in image). They said that this gig is violating Fiverr ToS but there are thousands of gig on this same niche and getting lot of order on daily basis so why this happens to me?😭
  9. Hy! I have a question kindly answer if you know the reason. Actually from a week after submitting my order i am receiving an notification (your order is completed) with no review or rating. After reading Fiverr TOS and different post from this forum where i came to know we aren’t allowed to ask for review or rating. Why i am not getting review/rating? Should i approach me client and ask for feedback? :roll_eyes:
  10. No you are not allowed. Yes you can withdraw your fund through payoneer make sure that the Payoneer account and your local account belongs to you. There is no fee charge from Payoneer to your local bank account. Payoneer will convert your funds in local currency. I hope that will help you cheers! No you are not allowed. So isn’t there anyway to withdraw money for young freelancer less then 18 with no bank account??:roll_eyes:
  11. Hy! Can i withdraw money from my Fiverr account to my Father Bank Account . I haven’t any bank account so what can i do? I am from Pakistan and i think we have an option to transfer our money to Payoneer to direct Bank account. Can i do this? if any Pakistani/Indian is reading this post then please let me know how much they charge when they send the amount to bank? Let say if i have 100$ to withdraw what actual amount i will get in my bank account? Looking forward to hear from you guys.
  12. Hy! I am very confused in selecting tags (i am not sure tags are also called Keyword or not)? Now when i write tag it doesn’t shown in Suggestions.As you can see in this screenshot. But it also give some decent suggestions, Now i want to ask is it good or bad to use our own tag(as in 1st image), or should we use Fiverr suggested tags. I also experience if i use my own tag instead of fiverr suggestions my gig got no impression at all so i want to hear from you. Love to hear from you guys!:thinking:
  13. Hy! I love to see statistics (what’s going on with my gig). I am only getting 100-130 (impression) / Day(on a single one) . Is it good number? Please share your statistics
  14. Hy! I have a question i want to know is GIG independent of it’s ranking or it depend on other gigs also? Example: If i have 5 gig no.1 is ranking high while other aren’t(some of them even go in downside RED SIGN) so if i delete other gig will it effect my first gig which is making good ranking. Looking to heard from your experience. Thanks!😊
  15. Let it go, Now prepare yourself for new projects by the way sorry to but it show you aren’t competent. Improve your skill-set work on your soft skills, how to start conversation, how to attract your client surely it will help you a lot to make a good headway in Fiverr.
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