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  1. I'm done with Fiverr (for now), I'm starting a new job soon and I don't want to stress about this stupid website. I'll miss the Fiverr community, I've learned so much from all of your but Fiverr is unfair, bias and constantly penalises sellers. Goodbye for now 👋
  2. That makes complete sense Frank but my most popular gig was very successful and I haven’t got a single order from it in 4 months. I’m going to resume looking for a “real job”, unfortunatly Fiverr is no longer my prority, I can’t live without regular work/money and it makes no sense for me to stress out over something that is almost completely out of my hands now; I can only try for so long…
  3. Well, it’s happened again and I don’t even know what to do anymore… I’m in the exact same place as I was three months ago; I’ve had no work for a whole month, even though I finished my last job ahead of schedule and got a good review for it. Now all of my impressions/clicks are down even though I’ve been online most of the day fairly consistantly.
  4. That makes sense and makes absolutely no sense at the same time hahaha…
  5. I just got my first order in 3 months, I finished ahead of schedule but now I’m more confused than ever: It is from a Gig that I had never got an order from beforeIt is a Gig that I haven’t edited since launching it last yearIt is a Gig that has over 100 impressions/6 clicks over 30 daysMy main (most successful) Gig is still getting less than 30 impressions/clicks over 30 days…:woman_shrugging:
  6. About $5000 a month… And I have saved the majority of my money but that’s for important surgery. You act like building passive income streams by investing your money is easy. Without an ENORMOUS upfront investment you don’t even stand a chance. Even if you avoid real estate and go on sites like flippa to buy online business you need like a good near hundred thousands to get anyhting you could live off. I tried investing my money in tshirt designs, stock music and other sources of making passive income from content. But the market is insanley oversaturated, you barely stand a chance. Even with selling content not on a marketplace you need enormous amounts in ad spend to make even a dent. I have to agree, I feel like “diversify” is just a default statement, it’s an easy thing to say if you’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s not easy for most peopl to diversify their income. Most people stuggle to find/keep a job, let alone finding or creating another one. A lot of poeple (including myself) lost their jobs during this pandemic, Fiverr was a great alternative. The fact that Fiverr changed so much without telling us is unacceptable. A lot of people will tough it out/bounce back and a lot of poeple will leave Fiverr.
  7. Since reading multiple threads about this I’ve updated my picture/description/tags on my most successful Gig and I’ve gotten a Maximum of 2 impressions per day (down from 70+), no orders or messages a day since March 13th. Mod Note: Gig link removed. :roll_eyes:
  8. Thank you for writing this post and giving your much needed insights. I have noticed a big drop in my most successful gig and it all started when I had a late delivery due to a buyer not responding to my messages. I’ll use the constructive advice you’ve given but I’m feeling very pessimistic at the moment… Fiverr is becoming so frustrating.
  9. Tips are not for “tips are for low paid workers”. I know every country does not have/give tips but in the UK it’s how we show appreciate to people that have done a good job. No, tips should not be mandatory but they should not be frowned upon either.
  10. I was going through my Paused Gigs… I wanted to delete one (Gaming) that I’ve never used, I double checked I was looking at the correct Gig, I selected Delete, the Fiverr page refreshed and it deleted the Gig that I wanted to KEEP; I got an order from that Gig in the past as well which is why I would’ve never deleted it by mistake. Is there anyway that I can get the deleted Gig back?! 😦 Edit: I contacted Support via Support @ Fiverr.com and my deleted Gig has returned! PHEW!
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