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  1. I'm done with Fiverr (for now), I'm starting a new job soon and I don't want to stress about this stupid website. I'll miss the Fiverr community, I've learned so much from all of your but Fiverr is unfair, bias and constantly penalises sellers. Goodbye for now 👋
  2. Because Fiverr statistics are absolute BS and unfair. Even if all of your statistics have been for months, they will penalise buyers for previous orders/messages etc.
  3. Most people have common sense, it is the minority of people who ruin it for others. Have you noticed how the News/Media don't tell you how many people have either fully or partically recovered from Covid-19? There's a reason, they're only telling us the number of cases and deaths; obviously depending on what country you're in, some countries are more honest than others.
  4. Use common sense, do what is best for you and you family.
  5. The https://community.fiverr.com links are incorrect. The Fiverr Blog links goes to the Forum and the Fiverr Forum link goes to the Blog.
  6. That makes complete sense Frank but my most popular gig was very successful and I haven’t got a single order from it in 4 months. I’m going to resume looking for a “real job”, unfortunatly Fiverr is no longer my prority, I can’t live without regular work/money and it makes no sense for me to stress out over something that is almost completely out of my hands now; I can only try for so long…
  7. Well, it’s happened again and I don’t even know what to do anymore… I’m in the exact same place as I was three months ago; I’ve had no work for a whole month, even though I finished my last job ahead of schedule and got a good review for it. Now all of my impressions/clicks are down even though I’ve been online most of the day fairly consistantly.
  8. I’m in the exact same place… I’ve had one order from one of my Gigs and now all of my impressions/clicks are down even though I’ve been online most of the day fairly consistantly.
  9. Thank you for answering my question - I didn’t read your original post properly. The fact that Fiverr allows Buyers to cancel an order even after the order has been completed and payments has been completed is absolutely ridiculous.
  10. I may be wrong here but this is a genuine question… Why would you publish the content to the buyers website before completing the order? Isn’t there a way of showing buyers a preview of the work without them being able to access it?
  11. My best selling Gig is still not appearing on the first page and it’s been 3 months. I’m getting clicks/impressions (1 order) from other Gigs but I’ve never got order from them before. None of this is making sense to me.
  12. That is a great video Frank, you should be very proud of yourself and thank you for always being so open and honest. I always appreicate videos like this and YouTube channels like Infographics, I had no idea how these videos are made but I almost always end up enjoying them and/or learning something new. Fiverr has been a frustrating platform for me to work on but I am not giving up, I would give anything to be able to work for myself and not working in a office being constantly hit over the head with office politics and foolishness.
  13. That makes sense and makes absolutely no sense at the same time hahaha…
  14. I just got my first order in 3 months, I finished ahead of schedule but now I’m more confused than ever: It is from a Gig that I had never got an order from beforeIt is a Gig that I haven’t edited since launching it last yearIt is a Gig that has over 100 impressions/6 clicks over 30 daysMy main (most successful) Gig is still getting less than 30 impressions/clicks over 30 days…:woman_shrugging:
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