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  1. I am interested in this option. Would love to try it. If I am eligible. Thank you.
  2. Yes, indeed. Communication is the key. Smooth communication and top notch work, both will rock your business.
  3. Yep. It works. But be specific about that ove deliver thing. I also over deliver but don’t offer such items for which you charge separately. Like I never offer vector file for free or any source file.
  4. Hi, I think I know what is the issue. I am attaching a screenshot, kindly check it. Actually, there is an option while sending the custom offer which says that whether you want to skip the requirements or not. Always check it, otherwise, the countdown starts on its own without any instructions provided by the clients. Lightshot ScreenshotCaptured with Lightshot I hope it works. Cheers.
  5. Is this valid on fiverr? I have lost buyers just because I couldnt understand what they wrote and I wished I could hear them explain their requests. Yes, it is allowed if it is necessary for the project. Like if I am designing a business card then these details are important.
  6. As a Level 2 seller, I think I can share my experience which can help the upcoming new Fiverr users to get their job done in seamless and smooth manner. First of all search for the service you are looking for using Fiverr search bar. Or if you want the sellers to come to you then you can post a request in " Post a request" section. Then you can select the best option from a set of available offers. But I recommend that you search yourself so you can compare packages and get the best out of it. After you select a seller, don’t place the order directly. First contact the seller to discuss the project with him thoroughly. It will give you an idea that whether the seller is capable of communicating well or not. Once everything is finalized, you can place the order by any gig package or by asking a custom offer from the seller end. After you get your project delivered, you can ask for revisions if the seller has provided you with revisions. Things you should avoid is providing personal contact info like WhatsApp or Facebook, or even email. But you can provide these details if they are necessary for the project, not by the intent of contacting the seller outside of Fiverr. Provide as many details as you can as instructions as it avoids any confusion and improves ETA. Once you mark the order as completed, take some time and appreciate the seller efforts by giving a rating as it helps us grow our business. If you need to ask anything about the project later on, the you can contact the seller in the inbox. This way the process will be smooth and you will get you exactly want. I hope it will help. Cheers.
  7. Hi Abdullah, Same happens with me a lot of times. It is mainly due to cancellations and late deliveries or less response rate. But you will be thinking that you haven’t cancelled a single order then how did this happen ? Its because the cancellation is being counted for last 60 days and that old cancelled order sometimes affects your ranking. Plus any change in the pricing, thumbnail, or tags might be a cause but it will be indexed again if you contact support. But they will restore it only if you didn’t change anything in the gig. I hope it helps. Cheers
  8. Hi, Its an extremely disappointing situation but here are few things you can do: Contact support with a proper and well written ticket and provide with them proof of what you have done for the client and spent a lot of your valuable time doing his job. Convince them that you have delivered as per instructions and the delivery was not partial at all. Ask them to remove the cancellation effect and return funds to your account. There are very rare chances of all above demands will be accepted but you can try. If yout case is strong then you can win it with support. I hope it helps. Cheers.
  9. Oh sorry. I am new to this forum. I wanted to post it in Seller tips category. Can you tell me how to delete the previous one ? Please. Thanks.
  10. Greetings Everyone!!! I have seen many posts on Forum and other platform saying “How to make a new client a regular one” ? So, here I am, sharing my personal experience. You can add to it or disagree if you like as I am no expert. Whenever a client approached me through inbox or directly places the order, I always send him a greetings message first like “Thank you for approaching me” or “Thank you for selecting me for your project” Then if he has provided me with the requirements or instructions, I go through those instructions and tell him that I have read your instructions and I understand them completely or tell him that there is something missing. This way I engage him/her in a discussion with me and it helps me in two ways: It makes them comfortable that the person that they are talking to is capable of doing the work and he is an expert.Plus I clear all things before starting to work on it as it saves time and avoids any future dispute. While working on their project, brief them about your progress as it gives them a sigh of satisfaction. When delivering the order, make them comfortable by saying that this is just a first draft as per instructions but if you don’t like it then don’t worry at all. I will make it work by trying again until your satisfaction. It definitely makes the process smooth. Once the project is finished, be the first one to send him/her a message and thank them for their visit and tell them about the other services you offer like once the logo is done, I tell them about my Wordpress, business cards and other services. Some of them don’t actually know what services do you offer and some are new to 5r. However, never let the market down by offering more for free or reduce your prices unless it is a specific case. I hope it helps. Happy Fiverring!!! Cheers.
  11. Hi there, When my client asks for commercial license (Copyrights in design), I send him a pdf file saying the order number on Fiverr, other details like my username, his name and a paragraph saying that it is purely custom work and he owns this work as I did it specifically for him blah blah. In short, Compile a document like anyother, add order number some formal details and your name with your electronic signature. Or you can use a copyrights certificate generator from many available sites on internet. Good luck. Cheers.
  12. You can make your gigs search friendly by using best search tags according to your category. Use buyer requests daily. Try changing your gig’s content once in a while if you are not getting enough sales. Good luck. Cheers
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