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  1. with all my respect i work in other platforms i delivered over 35 service between translation and research reports. but the fact that customers do not see your skills, but your presentation. i could present my gig as well as possible but not offering my customer what he saw, (it means that i’m cheating to get money). NB: if presenting other’s work on my gig why should i talk about skills. most of the sellers do not show their real work, they show photo edited images and combined google photos. did this makes me a good seller !!
  2. I think that high quality appear in the work itself not in the presentation. I can talk too much in the gig description while cheating skills, but what makes things clear is what do you provide me too i can not judge your work by its présentation. Do not judge a book by its cover
  3. maybe, but it happens that other competitors do not provide the quality I provide. i think the matter is about the most rated one. no ratings no orders
  4. since i joined fiverr in 2017 no buying orders were marked. no gain and no pain in the other hand after joining three other freelance websites. i achieved some of my goals being an active freelancer with 35 orders in only 45 days. but what’s wrong with fiverr!! or what’s wrong with me in fiverr hope i find the accurate answer cuz a did not submitted a request since a month ago.
  5. hello everyone, i have 2 years here in fiverr with no sales no orders, the simplest reason is that i don’t share my gigs everywhere on social media, but i believe that my skills are shown not only here but outside or in other freelance websites. i offer a simple service “write a conclusive research paper”, based on your résults your hypothesis or your problematic the paper will be written, professionally, well formatted and with the best réferencing methods. take a look at my new gig and welcome : https://www.fiverr.com/kimiboro09/write-a-conclusive-and-well-formatted-research-article kind regads
  6. If you’re an article writer, which it seems you are, you can show potential buyers, both here on the forum, and on your own blogs etc. what an exceptional writing talent you are. That also means making sure that your gig description is as clear as it can be, without spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. Your posts here and elsewhere should also reflect those skills. Or you can just complain I suppose! 😉 Thank you, for all your opinions at all. Regards
  7. you didn’t get it sir. saying that you’re a ne seller with no ratings how can you prouve your skills !! how can you tell me that you’re a professional even if you’re really competent thats the big problem in freelance sties. you can find people who can do the job more perfectly than the rated one. how can you sir give the chance to the non rated Gigs, people are not connecting. they just search for a 5 stars rating gig!
  8. Hello everyone, since 1 hour i received a message from a buyer says “Have you done any work on here yet? I see you aren’t rated.” and I’d like to know why People here are looking only for rated works and not asking for Experience. i think that only professional people out there, and the work can be done without rating it by chance or by forgetting to. why Fiverr is not using artificial intelligence to detect Copyrights on the work done by (the most rated) people here. buyers are sharing their emails with proofs out there, and no one is asking about TOS. that’s what i call “When the belly is filled, the head is ordered to sing” i salute the really professional people here regards
  9. i think that your gig will improve automatically itself after the first order. and the first rating so this will return to the service you provide. regards
  10. Hello, hi everyone, nice to meet you all, so this is kimi imad eddine, A Ph.D student in electrical engineering. say hello to me, i’m new here i guess fiverr is a good place to make some good professional and academic relations. thanks i’m happy to be here with you. regards
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