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  1. Buyer will defiantly not come here on the forum. That’s why it is way more lower then seller’s ratio
  2. I have experienced this for the first time. Thanks for support
  3. I was getting lots of traffic in December 2020 and I had to activate out of office mode due to overbooked. Still, I managed all the delivery on time. But then I meet two clients, and I think they completely ruined my profile! One, I did complete his work before delivery time and he asked me for a new revision. So I decided to do the revision and did not deliver the work as he agreed to extend the deadline. But as we complete everything he is not replying to me anymore. So it got late by almost one month now. And the same thing happened with the second client too! If this is the reason for not getting new orders on my profile? If yes, can I remove the orders?
  4. Most of my orders are for $5 - $15. And I was getting 5-8 orders in one day at that time. It was hard to remember the amount all the time! Anyways the problem is solved now. It was just an display error! All my earning is safe. Thank you so much for your support.
  5. Thank you so much. Yes there are two lines for the same order!
  6. Hi everyone. Hope you are doing well… I am facing some problems while getting tips. Recently I got a tip of $5 and the order was also $5. So I earned $8, but on the order page, Fiverr showing me that “You Earned $4”. Then I went to the earning section, I thought it might be some network issue. But I was wrong, I see $4 there too. Then I checked my previous order where I got tip, surprisingly I found that it is happening with me continuously. And I got surprised on one specific order, That order was in $30 and I got a tip of $10, but Fiverr showing me “You Earned $8” I’m really confused about what is happening to me. I need your suggestion Please! Here I attached Two screenshots.
  7. What will be done if he blocked me ? Can’t I complete the order or after delivery will it be cancelled automatically ? I am in very fear of this problem. My career will fully destroyed if this will happened. $100 CAN’T RUIN YOUR CAREER. And for the order, deliver the work and there is a chance to get the payment. Even if the buyer blocked you, he paid for your service, and you will get it. Don’t worry
  8. I’m not a supper experienced at all, still I can say from my previous experience that, Everyone will give you Highest Rating, if you can maintain your service and communication. Everyone comes to have a great experience here, but if they didn’t get it, they left with lower rating.
  9. Hello, hope you are doing well! Since I am here in the fiverr forum, I noticed that almost every seller offering a commercial use license. As a new seller, I got confused about it. So my question is, how to provide for-profit licence to buyers.
  10. Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will improve my example picture.
  11. I am in the 1st page for 3 days with one of my gig. I got 551 clicks still, no order found. Is it normal? Any suggestion, please?? I have four gigs in total, and I have completed 36 days in Fiverr. here is a link to my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/21E5L
  12. Thanks a lot for the helpful information…
  13. If I use image for my gig by directly downloading from google (though i edit it as per my gig preference), will it be a copyright issue?
  14. i am also new here… pleased to meet you all
  15. Hello everyone… I am new to fiverr. I have created two gigs but I don’t think they are good enough for sell. I supposed to improve my gigs. Will you please suggest me some improvement? link to my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/7dfda055e3 Thank You
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