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  1. Thanks yes I’ve promoted also ruining any social media like that facebook twitter. I don’t know right way plz help… promotion right way… you learn me?? give any video link given me…thanks sir
  2. You did not answer my questions. I cannot help you if you are unwilling to provide some insight into what you are already doing. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You need to take actions to build your success. So, I’ll ask you again… what are you doing to earn orders from your buyers? What productive actions are you taking? If you can can answer these two questions, I might be able to help you focus what you could do in your gigs to gain more customers. thanks next asked me … I’m a Professional Web Developer and WordPress eCommerce Expert. So I’m doing to earn orders 1)Blog/news 2)E-commerce website 3)landing page 4)form customization 5)WordPress customization 6)MailChimp 7)Email Templates On my product this I’m doing action please any wrong way my gig, please check to tell me, sir my dashboard link is : https://www.fiverr.com/shimul_hossain
  3. ok thanks to your advice plz tell me how create a order letter???
  4. every product sir…plz help fiverr.com/shimul_hossain any problem my gig please tell me sir…
  5. what’s a problem man I cannot buyer order my gig problem or not please help??
  6. thanks to your information but please help for gig??
  7. some problem long time I’m stay to a fiverr forum but no adding time some times count why? plz tell the solving…
  8. thanks which social media is best please tell me details…
  9. Sure you seen that. you said that thanks… but I can’t order why tell me that??
  10. What’s a problem my gig please help?? 😪 https://www.fiverr.com/shimul_hossain/make-a-build-wordpress-web-design-development
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