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  1. It was totally necessary to contact via $ky.pe because we wanted to have a fluent, live call. Also, my client wanted to interview me via video chat and since Fiverr does not have this feature, what else I could possibly do? I am a trusted seller with almost 20 positive reviews, it would be such a shame to lose my account for a thing like this that doesn’t harm anybody.
  2. Omg this is awesome! You are such an inspiration for young sellers!
  3. Hello guys. Any tips of earning the 400$ that are requered to be level one seller? I have no problem with other the other requiriments but I’m struggling with this one
  4. I don’t know what to do with this buyer. He claims that he has payed 20$ extra when he hasn’t, and now he keeps saying he’s not satisfied with my work and well, this: What can I do? I don’t want to cancel the order because I will lose my money, but he refuses to accept it. I did my best and honestly I don’t know why he’s being so rude Should I contact customer support or that will make things worse?
  5. The buyer asked for a 3d face. I charged 10 for it. Then he/she started to ask for more things that weren't in the original gig, such as hair, neck and a shirt (which I did anyways to please him) and he wanted it to be super similar to a photo. He keeps asking for revisions claiming that it doesn't look similar enough to the photos. I have worked on it for hours and hours at this point and doesn't even want to purchase extras to pay all this work, so I'm actually earning only 8 which is a misery
  6. I tried to sell 1000 YouTube likes and got a TOS violation, and my gig about 1000 YouTube views had 0 impressions all the time
  7. isn’t it weird? that one gig has no impressions at all and I wonder if it’s something wrong with it, may fiverr is not showing it for some reason :thinking:
  8. Hello there. I’ve been hired for making a video game. The buyer is giving me instructions as he sees how I progress, and I charge 1 gig each time. Is this a good idea? Any problem with this?
  9. I’m so excited about this guys 💖
  10. I dont any significant amount of followers nowhere, should I try to earn a “fanbase” first?
  11. Wow you have so many sales! I wanna get started with game development gigs but im not confident about my skills yet. Do you have any advice?
  12. Welcome to the platform! I’m a college newbie also 😉
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