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  1. What if promote gigs on social media? Its also myth?
  2. I have just updates my gig descrption and title but i need someone who check my gig descrption and let me know what is incorrect in my gig descrption. I will be thankful Checkout my gig. My gig link
  3. Normally when gigs lost ranking you can only found your gig on the last page.
  4. Yes, Last month my gigs lost ranking so because I post here on forum and i know from other selelrs that it is normal time by time happen with all sellers because fiverr want to give opportunitues to some new sellers so fiverr algorithm change the gigs time by time. It was happening 3 time with me but recently my gig was return to page 2 after two weeks but 1 year ago once happen to me by first time then my gigs were return after a month or 2. Kepp up, Share your gigs on social media and try to get the orders from buyer request then your gigs will recover asap. Thanks
  5. Correct. Its normal some time happen with all sellers time by time.
  6. Hi congrates for making 1K reviews. May you have more and more. Sir, @ [radennorfiqri] You say in your request for offering your help. My questions are. What are your best way you used for promoting your gigs? Please let us know in details. Also I am in fiverr from last year and in less than one year Alhamdulellah (Thanks GOD) I have now 110 reviews I was working and getting great orders but 3 days ago my all gigs goes to very last page so, As using fiverr do you have chase this similar condition? And how to get ranking again in this condition. Please let me know your response. Thanks
  7. Hi Fiverr. Hope you are doing great. I am pleased to working with Fiverr. it help me a lot. I was working and getting great orders up-to 2 days before but then suddenly my gig doesn’t appear in search on first page but when i checked my all gigs are goes to very last pages. All members in my category are before my gigs and even after all seller gigs in my category. Please let me know what i do to regain the ranking. How much longer my gigs will be there? Reserchers_team
  8. I was working and getting great orders but from last day my i all gigs goes to last page. So what i do now to get ranking again. Anyone please let me know your idea, What to do to gain ranking again. Thanks
  9. Thank you Hina. What more about you service.
  10. How I get again Sir. I think I am the only who last ranking. Because I last page i am only having reviews all other are new sellers with no reviews.
  11. Hi Hope you are doing well. My gigs were on top pages with major keywords and I was getting great orders but due to a little drop(few late orders i think) in performance I lost ranking. My all 7 gigs goes to Last page of each category yesterday. Kindly let me know what should i do now. I will be thankful. Thanks in advance.
  12. These was mostly on Direct orders but I lost ranking last few days, After this I have no direct message and my all gigs are last page…
  13. Welcome to fiverr community. I have same satiation form some days. Do you get any ideas or what about your gig ranking now? what do you do for that?
  14. Please let me what what happen to your Gigs now. I have still same issue. Please let me know your response.
  15. I think it can take up to revelation of fiverr…after 60 days or 30 days… Now in coming 15 may. But you must need to improve your order completion, deliver on time.
  16. Note: Fiverr disable account after 3 warning. Yesterday fiverr warn me again after 8 month. This is my second warning, First warning i got 8 month ago. But in the warning message fiverr told me that this is your first warning. Anyone can tell me about fiverr warning. As my (8 month ago) first warning count in disabling account after 3 warning or it not count in 3 warning for disabling account. I also listen on forum that after 60 days fiverr not count warning… As this true. Please let me know. Thanks
  17. Warnings were able to be removed previously (at least in 2018) that were given incorrectly: See: Maybe escalating it/asking for another support person to look into it could help? Maybe showing them the above forum link (or any others) could help show them that removing warnings given incorrectly is possible (unless the system has been changed since to not allow it). Also, in future, maybe make it clearer in the conversation with the seller that you are interested in buying their gig. Maybe selecting a gig that is a closer match to what you want could also help (eg. if there’s one specifically for improving gig descriptions - if those gigs are still okay with Fiverr). Can i ask to fiverr for another support person…?
  18. We do not have any power to provide other solutions. What Fiverr says is final. In the future, be sure to avoid the actions that earned you this warning, and you should be fine. This warning is permanent on your account, unless Fiverr chooses to tell you something different. Sir, I just contact a seller for buying His gig… And i received the warning… As this is any violation in fiverr… So Fiverr told me, We understand your point, but now we cannot.
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