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  1. Oh, No I was not aware of this. That seems really unusual. Have the fiverr team explained this on any forum posts at all?
  2. Do you have an example of this? What do you mean sellers getting penalized for buyers fault?
  3. I didn’t know a buyer could do this. Why is there an option for the customer to cancel after they have marked the order as complete?
  4. Does nobody think this word count would be a good idea? 😦
  5. I believe views are page loads of your gigs (Someone Looking at your gig page) I believe clicks are clicks onto your gig in the search results (Clicking to view your video or open your page) I believe Impressions are the times your gig has loaded on search results. ( Simply the amount of times your gig has shown up on a users search results) So for example your gig might load 1000 times (Impressions) Then 40 people might (click) to view your video and 10 might click to open your gig page You will then earn 10 (Views) as they view your gig
  6. I have read through other forums and no one has mentioned something like this and I think this is the best place to discuss it and maybe if this post gets enough love it will grab the attention of the Fiverr team who could possibly implement this. Many gigs on fiverr.com are priced based on the word count. It makes sense that any project with more words will inevitably cost more and what I have noticed through my own experience and through the experience of others sellers sometimes a customer will purchase your gig and then when they send the gig requirements they send a script which is over the maximum allowed within the gig package they bought. MY SOLUTION - Allow sellers to add a “Script Word Counter Box” and so when the buyer is sending you their files and what not for the order to begin, it can be mandatory for them to pop their script into the script box. This box will automatically count the words within the box and if the amount counted is more than what is allowed in this package then there will be two options for the buyer. They can edit their script so as to reduce the words to the word limit allowed in that package or they can purchase additional words using a gig extra “Word Increase” and of course sellers could decide beforehand how much each additional word or 50 words or 1000 words will cost. This would stop the many orders which are place daily which is not correct. The many outcomes of this type of situation are; The customer decides to cancel the order The seller has to work for less money to keep the order The buyer has to pay more to get the order completed and they feel misled The seller has to wait for the order to be resolved before they can start and this loses time to complete the order. So yea I think this feature would help sellers, buyers and (Since it will reduce cancellations) fiverr too! Does anyone have any other ideas of how this could work?
  7. I like this post. I had a couple messages but no orders yet.
  8. perhaps if your gigs have an overlooking element you could find a seller who is offering the service that you don’t offer, but this seller has to not offer the service that you do offer (I hope that makes sense) That way you could agree to always recommend each other if you were asked again. Potentially could see some leads that way.
  9. I think this is a great idea for when I have built up a reputation. I am currently offering my services incredibly cheap because I want to build up my seller level so I think once I am established I will definitely look into this but how do you police this? What if they say it is for personal use and don’t pay the commercial use fee but then they use if for commercial use? What can you actually do at that point?
  10. Yes, you can do that - just be sure to factor in the VO seller’s delivery time, possible delays etc. and the admin fee of course. 🙂 Sweet, Yep I shall make sure I have all my numbers correct and set the customers expectations in terms of delivery times. OK Cool. Thanks Peeps.
  11. I don’t think buyers would like an ad for your services on their videos - I know I wouldn’t be happy about it. 😉 Because of this reason: Yea I think you are right, ok so the first question is a no… I agree that people wouldn’t want to have an advert on a video they purchased. It might be cool if fiverr had an attribution feature where when you clicked on a fiverr gig you can could click to see who did the music and who created the animation or edited the compilation or wrote the script etc… OK but Fiverr is A-OK with me charging the customer for a voiceover addon and then purchasing the addon from another seller? And yea I already thought about how this could cause me problems but I will only partner up with reliable voice over artists.
  12. I think you mis-understood. My first question asked if I could put a credit in the video content at the end or something for the videos I sell. My second question asked If I could just place a voice over button on my page and when the customer paid me for the voice over. I would use that money to buy the voice over from another fiverr seller.
  13. I am quite new to Fiverr although I have been working in the industry for quite a while. Since I am so new here I am just finding out what things are cool and allowed such as upselling and such and what things are not cool like asking for reviews or giving out contact info… It’s a treacherous ocean, I am aware. So I think I will probably just ask the community before I do anything to keep on the right side of the rules. Now I have done my research and I did look for similar questions and I saw bits and bobs but I didn’t find a concrete answer that I wanted to so I thought I would ask the community. So I have two questions really… I hope I am asking in the correct place. I sell animated videos and so far have sold a couple of videos to other Fiverr sellers who now use my videos to promote their gigs and I think that’s pretty cool and they are getting loads of sales so I know the videos are working but my question is this… am I allowed to include like a signature or something on the video so that people who see it can come to my page and find me to create their own video… I think the answer will be dependant on the buyer and most probably won’t agree but I just thought I would ask if there would be a way to add like credits to a video? I do not offer voice over services but customers do ask me if I can add a voice over to the videos that I create and I have been talking with another seller and he said that I could use him if a customer wanted to purchase a voice over so my second question is this. Is it ok for me to promote another seller’s gig and to make the process more streamlined for the customer as they would just click the voice over addon on my gig and then I would place an order with the voiceover artist that is promoted on my gig? Does that make sense… is this allowed? Both of these questions are asking about cross-promotion between sellers and what the restrictions or permissions are here. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am excited to hear your responses.
  14. Yea I just ended up starting again but it was quite annoying.
  15. Here is my description I cant update because it is saying I have illegal characters? Hi Fiverr’s, Welcome to my GIG! Are you looking for a whiteboard explainer or kinetic typography animation for your new product, service or message? I will create it for you exclusively on fiverr 30 Second Content $5 - Up-to 50 Words 60 Second Content $10 - Up-to 75 Words 90 Second Content $15 - Up-to 100 Words You can post this video anywhere on Internet to increase sales or promote your business. Use this video as your Kinetic typographer, Cinematic trailer, promotion, dynamic opener, motivational slide-show, sports opener, Event promotion etc… What does the package include? • Professional Kinetic Typography Video • Custom Built To Your Script • Full HD Quality In Any Format You Need • Any Colour Scheme • Royalty Free Background Music Included • Full Commercial Rights What will I need from you? The Script/Text that will be used (REQUIRED) Your Logo and Website URL (OPTIONAL) Images you want to add (OPTIONAL) Music of your choice (OPTIONAL) If you have any questions please contact me. I will answer you as quick as I can and start working on your project right away
  16. I only joined fiver about a week or so ago… when I joined I got my first 2 orders in the first 2 days… I thought wow this is working great. I completed their orders and received 5 star feedback and now my gig is on the first page and I am getting good impressions and views but I have received no more orders 😦
  17. Could you post a link to the gig you are referring too? 🙂
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