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  1. I am very curious about the world domination map and it get all excited when I get an order from a new country… I wonder who has dominated the most here? Care to show your world map?
  2. None of your gigs have videos… it is 435% more effective to have a video on your gig. It will show people what you can do for them and encourage them to place orders… I made that percentage up but it is obvious that videos sell more gigs. 32.8% more actually ( I made that one up too) . Create a video which showcases your gig so you can better promote yourself among your competition. If you can’t make one yourself, I’ve created lots of videos for peoples GIG videos and I could help you get that first sale. Anyway, always remember that twenty sixteen percent of gigs with videos sell many orders. Yours Truly and Slightly Crazy Diamond Leopard
  3. I have had this before where I accidentally achieved the message. Perhaps this could help x
  4. A level 2 seller would need to be a fiverr member for 120 days so achieving this in 3 months… is… problematic at best 😉
  5. I really wanted a minimalist feel so I tried to keep the logo as simplistic as possible but I think what was happening is the fiverr auto-checking system must have just thought my design was too similar to someone else’s. It’s really not a good system if it is stopping actual unique designs from being uploaded. More work needed here fiverr staff. Anyway I managed to resolve the issue by placing a color behind my logo which would have changed all the white pixels to something different Thanks @misscrystal Do you mean my current or my old one?
  6. So I decided this morning that I wanted to upgrade my personal logo and I spent the better part of the day tweaking and touching up each handle and anchor point until my wrist was feeling exhausted but eventually I decided on a design. With some excitment, I uploaded the image to Fiverr and after about 2 or 3 minutes I receive a message to tell me that the image was not original and It was refused. Umm… Eh?!
  7. There is an easier way. Just go to your order page, and on the top right-hand side, you will see a button to access the resolution centre. Just go in there and choose the option that you require. The options available to you in the resolution centre are pretty self-explanatory. But, remember, your customer will have to approve this request for extension BEFORE your current order timer runs out. If not, your on-time delivery % will get affected. Thank you for this information, will this change of the order affect my stats in a negative way at all?
  8. Hello, I hope this is in the correct category. I am sure someone will update it if it is not. I have a question about extending the delivery time on one of my orders. I have a client who purchases videos from me very often. I use several voices over artists who create the voice over and send it to me and then I finalise the video and send to the client. It’s mutually beneficial and it means it’s much easier for the customer than having to order the voiceover separately. My problem, however, is the voice-over artist will not be in the office for a couple of days and so my order will be late. I have told the customer and he is very happy to wait so there is no problem there. I am keen on not having my stats affected due to late delivery, my question is what is my best option to avoid bad stats on a late delivery? Should I contact the resolution centre?I thought of maybe adding an extra of “Additional Time” Which is free but would add 2 days. Is this allowed or forbidden? I wanted to ask here so I didn’t get into trouble.Is there a button somewhere that the customer can click to extend the order time?Thank you for all your help guys x Kind regards x
  9. I would strongly suggest setting your delivery time to something more manageable like 24 hours and perhaps mention in your gig that if they message you before placing an order then you can fulfill in 3. If they place an order and then cancel because you were asleep it will look bad on your account and harm your metrics. My second suggestion is to increase your revisions. I offer unlimited revision which many sellers here will say is a bad idea… but it will mean less chance of getting a bad review which will also harm your metrics. Thirdly I would suggest having a video on your gig, write a script of what your service is and what you offer. A video gets significantly more information across and there are many people on here who can help you create such a video (I am a video creator and I do this for people). My last recommendation is to think about what your audience are searching for… if you was a customer and you were looking for your service what would you type in… this is your Search Term… now optimize your listing to include this term in your title, tags and description. SEO is key.
  10. I am an expert in Motion Design, so I use programs like Premier Pro, After Effects and Illustrator. I build videos 🙂 Soo… if you are looking for a great way to boost your sales… hit me up 😃
  11. This has happened to me before, the customer ended up submitting their requirements about 5 days after placing the order. They told me that they had to get the correct files from their client. Theres a million reasons a customer might have not be able to finish the order but as it doesn’t affect your stats. I wouldn’t worry to much. If it has been a really long time like 2 weeks etc then I might consider talking to FIverr and getting the resolution team to have a look. But regardless of the reason if the order gets canceled it will look bad on your account.
  12. Hi Arslan, welcome to the community. There are many helpful people here and there is a ton of information within the post and online elsewhere if you need any help.
  13. I just have a question in regards to your delivery time. How do you intent to fulfill a 3 hour order when you are sleeping?
  14. If they haven’t filled our requirements then the order time won’t have started. I wouldn’t worry about it. I can’t see it being a problem in any way… It could be a good thing if it shows 1 order in your queue.
  15. Buyer Requests are a great way to get your first couple of sales, it helps build up momentum on your gig and after you have started to receive regular messages and orders you can reduce the amount of buyer requests you send because you will be too busy on your orders 😃
  16. I would assume you should be able to report him for this.
  17. Welcome to the community. Lot’s of helpful people here 🙂
  18. I wrote a large post a few weeks back talking about how you can get your first order. See if this can help you 🙂 x
  19. Then you need to work at getting orders, do some revision on your SEO to get your gig higher in the rankings, promote you services in forums and blogs and YouTube channels and Facebook groups and other communities that include your target market. Keep working hard to bring in the sales and you will build momentum.
  20. Do you mean you are sending him the same files every day for 21 days?
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