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  1. Finally Fiverr cancelled the order and all my effort was in vain
  2. Sorry for bad English I accepted order from VID Buyer, I agree to create a way for server B to send request to server A remotely when I start the work I notice that B server is not working perfectly and I inform the buyer about the issue because the script is from software company and my work is not to help him do that because the script will only send a notification to specific link which I have access to but if the script does not send the notification to my point I won’t be able to send notification to server A, he install the script on other server which work fine and am able to do my work and everything completed he send message to software company about the issue but they failed to solve it after completed my work the buyer started bullying me and threatening to cancel the order once he know I have upload the work to the new server, he change the access password and started calling me different names and bullying and I have work for 3 days now he want to cancel order what to do am depressed
  3. Hello I am having problem with my main gig and after a lot of stress I think I should delete the gig because it is not ranking any more Pls I need your advice Thanks .
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