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  1. Be PATIENT and try to research about which reasons you are not getting orders. Work on those 🙂
  2. That’s true. I also made $6k in 4 months
  3. This is because Fiverr Support has been very busy since the COVID pandemic came about. The number of sellers on Fiverr has doubled and even tripled in some niches as people worldwide looked for alternative ways to work. Currently, it is taking 10 days or more to receive a response from CS. Also, it is not “your” support as in we the other members of the Fiverr Forum. It is support for all Fiverr users, yours and mine, and everyone else that uses the platform. Same happended to me before 3 months ago. But we have nothing to do dear. We are dependent on it.
  4. Success is not easy in fiverr nowadays. Impression doesn’t depend on social sharing. Try to make your gig title and description unique.
  5. Try to be unique every time to get orders, I think you will get the same results because you are using same info.
  6. Sometimes it takes a bit long. The time counts from the last delivery after revision
  7. Try to clear cached data of your browser and try again.
  8. Hello Nikita, welcome to the community.
  9. First off all you need to work on your English communication to understand buyer’s words. Also, you have to focus on client’s satisfaction. You are satisfied with your work but the buyer may not. That’s why he has given 2.3 🙂
  10. I am facing same issues after getting level 1 badge. 😔
  11. Thank you for sharing your good experience. Really forum is a great platform for newbies
  12. That depends on your performance. But level two is a huge achievement. 🙂
  13. Don’t use these words like outside of Fiverr or email. I think for these words you got an warning 🙂
  14. Try to active as much as possible so that buyers can reach you!
  15. Hello Shivang. You can share the needed information only if you need to complete the order.
  16. conversation rate depends on how quickly you reach to a client during an order.
  17. You will get views that will increase your gig visibility
  18. Try to use unique keywords to your gig and make a eye-catching gig for the buyers. Hope it will help
  19. I didn’t find any issue like that in payoneer. It’s better to contact their support.
  20. clicks an views doesn’t represent the ranking. You can use social medias to gain views but the main thing is to make specific keyword which has less competitors.
  21. Your stats that is being shown is for last 60 days.
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