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  1. its depend on your gig service Something i want to share with you its helpful for you 1) Active on Fiverr 2) Share you gig with different social platform 3) Add Complete detail in gig description
  2. We Are also pray for india, May Allah have mercy on all of us Ameen Pakistan Always stand with India ❤️
  3. Click on ! and read why your gig is not promotable
  4. someone your opposite user banned or disable account so fiverr will show you this type of message in your communication
  5. Your account is temporary banned that’s mean you will get back your account. How i can get back my account ? they will not response you through complaint panel Don’t worry you can mail them on support@fiverr.com with your username and request them to help out they will give you some more chance for verification
  6. Confirm you mail address, I hope you received an email with reason
  7. turn your mastercard and then you will show one cvc number with 3 digit put there
  8. Welcome To Fiverr Community ❤️
  9. thank you for your response problem is fix
  10. Someone Ask me For medication he add some comment but unfortunately fiverr not showing comment error787×445 22.8 KB
  11. Order Detail754×454 15.9 KB Profile1541×584 109 KB 😒
  12. maybe you are not from earth 😊 first of all read carefully topic response
  13. already same thing few month ago but today my doubt is clear
  14. Actually few hours ago I’m complete one order 10& 1 jan 2021 order is complete earning count in total net income BUT SHOWING IN PENDING CLEARANCE AND ALSO NOT SHOWING ON PROFILE (Earned in jan)
  15. if you import transparent video with alpha channel than filmora show you with black background filmora not support Alpha channel transparent if support please share with me
  16. Can you provide me any Tutorial Video Or Any Article ?
  17. Sachin i saw you’r videos my opnion use you’r account just on single ip address don’t try to open other and other network like idea net or jio or maybe other (Hindi.Urdu) Apni Zaban main advice ye sab mil kar tumhe wo ban rha hai tumhara account temporality disabled hai Sabar rakho Bhai or CS Say Support karo Easily ho jaye ga open already my friend face this Bhayio wala mashwara hai
  18. Thank you for you’r response i have some question for you… don’t mind can you please share any tutorial video for this (You can use transparent MOV in Filmora. I use them all the time.) its really helpful for me 🙂 For Dear i’m read fiverr policy but about dear word is not mention in any policy if mention so please can you share link i will read and careful next time 🙂 and about low quality software i’m used this word because Compare to Adobe and Filmora so obviously filmora is beginner and also lot of time i recommended to client use filmora in starting image786×486 33.5 KB
  19. Maybe 2 days Ago i have Received One Mail From Fiverr You’re invited! Promote your Gigs its really fantastic Feature Because i have spent 0.10$ And Received Two ORDER 😊 This Feature is Really Helpful For Seller But i have One Question Fiverr Auto Select my one gig For Promotion why i can’t Promote Other Gig Screenshot 2020-11-09 1457001132×472 29.2 KB
  20. If you think so then it is fine. This is one example. I think I understand what you want to say here. Would Buyer understand it as well? You may consider to take a language course, that may help a lot. Actually its my habit text uppercase i will try to fix and also i’m try to improve my English but in case if the buyer misunderstood my description so why he place the order ? now can you help me in this topic how i can cancel this order without any effecting on my profile
  21. My Descriptions is totally perfect and Can you explain me what is relation between my Order completion rate or discription? My Question is if the mistake from Buyer Side and Buyer want to cancel order But Why Seller Order complete Rate Going to down in case seller have nothing any mistake
  22. You know every buyer after place order said only one reason i’m place this order by mistake
  23. Actually i’m lot of time face Problem Buyer Place The Order by mistake and after few minute Request for Dispute its does not matter he request for dispute but problem is why my order completion rate down without my mistake ?
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