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  1. This seems like a small detail, but the spacing in the text of your gig description needs some corrections. The content is good, but if I was looking for a super detailed-oriented person to design for me, those small details may leave a bad impression. I like your gig video! I wish you well!
  2. Hi Wayne! Your youtube videos really encouraged me to start my Fiverr VO journey. I’ve been here a year now and have learned so much! Thanks for chiming in on the forum!
  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you and your mother enjoy the day together!
  4. I know this. I’m not holding high hopes for anything sci-fi these days apart from The Expanse. I just don’t understand who these so-called writers think they are who feel like they have the right to assimilate established sci-fi brands and turn them on their head. It’s like they just capitalize on the fact that people will watch whatever they get presented with because there’s no alternative. Dr Who is the worst. It’s gone from actual Dr Who to a woman who can’t act flying through time and space in a giant Himalayan salt lamp. I agree and it makes me so sad. She could be showing strength, cleverness, and spirit and she seems like a victim instead. I blame the writers. We need Moffat back.
  5. Welcome! I’ve been here for 11 months doing voice-overs and it’s a blast! I wish you well!
  6. Me: Plenty of jobs! Must celebrate with pie! One week later: No jobs. Will never work again. Must eat pie. Repeat.
  7. Newt By Bruce Lucas - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26434213
  8. Here’s one more from not even 2 months ago: If I remember correctly there were two other world domination posts from January and March, too. 😉 When there are already several previous posts on this (not so important) topic from not even 2 months ago, I think it’s better to have a look at the old posts first or wait for a little longer before creating a new one (cuz you might have more people interested in taking part in the conversation this time around). 😊 Sorry, missed that in my search!
  9. The last world domination forum topic was November 2018. What is the time frame for “resurrecting old threads”?
  10. ^ I am a terrible gardener, Which brings shame and despair to my mother-in-law.😆 < Even though its late here and my bed is cozy, I’m going to get up to work on an order so I can get it off my mind. ⬇️I wonder if the next person works better at night or if they prefer to start fresh in the morning?
  11. Todd, Thank you, thank you for solving my puzzle! I will play around with the resolution. I hope this helps others, too!
  12. Thanks! Here’s what I see! This is my profile page and my dashboard.
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