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  1. Welcome @mdtasin400. Everything on your gig is fine. It would be better if you change the profile picture with a good definition and correct the grammatical mistakes. Warm wishes.
  2. Welcome @coolnerd77 .Yes, you’re right. Keep selling on Fiverr.
  3. Warm welcome @emanuelmenon. As you’re looking forward to working in Fiverr, make sure online as much you can. Wish you good luck.
  4. Welcome @ashraful_24k. Keep sharing your gig on social media sites. And be patient. I wish you would get your first order quickly.
  5. Welcome to the fiverr forum. Wish you good luck.
  6. Welcome @mazedulmazed. I think you will find this community helpful.
  7. Welcome @hamdilh. Wish you good luck.
  8. Welcome @dakshinbal in Fiverr community. Wish you good luck.
  9. Welcome @developersohagk. Try to get used to gathering information from search engines. And, I wish you get the best support from the Fiverr community . Thank you.
  10. Welcome on the best Fiverr community @thegoodtime. Wish you good luck.
  11. In order to get paid 100% through Fiverr, you need to deal with buyers within Fiverr. And Fiverr make no guarantee to get paid if you connect buyer outside Fiverr. Please make sure to read these threads. Thank you.
  12. As far as I know, you cannot change the facebook account. Thank you.
  13. Welcome @induja19. I guess you will get the greatest community ever. Thank you.
  14. Welcome on the community. I wish you good luck. Thank you.
  15. Hello @aawahhab, It would be better if you don’t change the gigs information frequently. Try to promote your gig on social sites. Thanks.
  16. Hello @shantho5, I have checked your profile. Please make sure to not to ask for reviewing and approval. Thanks.
  17. Congratulation @manoosh_15. Keep it up.
  18. Welcome @dbriere , It’s their policy. We cannot say anything about it. Thank you.
  19. That’s perfect. Wish you good luck. Thanks.
  20. It would be better to install Fiverr app on mobile to get updated on the go.
  21. Hello @abro_designs, Be patient. And make sure to reply buyer’s messages as soon as possible. Thank you.
  22. Welcome @hamzakalam on Fiverr Community. I have checked your profile. It would be better is you improve your gig by changing the gig photo with your previous experience. Thank you.
  23. Hello @razzseopack, It would be better if you create a new topic to get more information.
  24. It’s a good practice to say no to buyer when you find it eligible to you. And it would be better you learn to identify scammer buyer. Thanks.
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