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  1. You can find hundreds of posts and answers for your questions. Please use the search bar.
  2. Because you already offering unlimited revisions. my advice is to communicate with him if he want more revisions and tell him that you worked on it so much and it took from your time a lot.
  3. Once you finish the drawing, send it directly through the order page, not by messages.
  4. You offer unlimited revisions! Ofcourse he is going to request until he is completely satisfied or even not. The buyers will completely exploit you because of that. My advice just go on with him as you have been working on it for a long time. The order will be automatically completed after 3 days. I suggest to change the unlimited revisions after that. Good luck
  5. Hi there, if it’s the first time, check the spam. if it’s not there contact CS. They will tell you whats the problem. Good luck
  6. When the order is canceled there will be no review from you or him publicly. The point is why to work for free! Maybe later he will do another account and use you again. I know it’s frustrating to deal with a buyer with this attitude, you can contact CS and send them screenshots of the threats that he sent you.
  7. Hello ivana, sorry that you experience this. Do not cancel the order no matter what! there will be a risk of getting a bad review but hey who wants to work for free? be professional as much as you can, speak with your client, try to solve the issue. If nothing work out, contact CS. Communication is number one key to solve issues like this one. Good luck ya
  8. If it’s an official government ID then yes. This link will show you the whole picture. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/verifying-your-identity
  9. Hello, if you search for “completion rate” you will find a lot of explanations and what to do. sarahdesigns671 explained it. Check for other posts to get the whole idea as well, Good luck.
  10. Hi agree with @misscrystal. And communication is the best way to deal with this kind of situation. Good luck 🙂
  11. Hello @cyaxrex and thank you for sharing. You don’t know me as am not so active to write in the fourm, but am definitely active to read most of the posts here! I like the way you think and your way to solve problems, specially with other members! A lot of sellers blames fiverr for not giving them jobs “clients” !! fiverr is the door, and all you have to do is to find the right key to open it and start to earn a decent income. The food will not come at your doorstep, go and earn it, find a solution for your problems. I moved to another whole continent to marry the woman i love, i do voiceover and i just started only 1 year ago, exactly when i created my account. And now it’s my full time job. My personal advice for anyone is to always think in a different way and have a lot of patient and listen to what your client want and you will succeed. Thank you again and have a very successful journey! 🙂
  12. Welcome to the forum 🙂 Yes we had this problem earlier, the problem is fixed.
  13. What a silly thing to say. This is clearly a bug that’s affected a handful of the many thousands of payments that go through every day, and yet you’ve reached the conclusion that the company is failing, holding back random order funds to pay employee’s salaries, and is therefore about to go bust? You do realise that many people on the forum will panic when they read something like this? Something that you have absolutely zero proof to back-up. Please think about the implications of what you say before you post. Edit - And apparently it wasn’t enough for you to post it here, you’ve posted the exact same nonsense on another thread as well. Exactly, i just noticed that as well. For him to start a rumor and ZERO clues is just ridicules.
  14. Well, alternatively, you could send them a gig extra that covers the additional work and time needed with a polite explanation that they ordered more than the gig they ordered includes. I think this happened 3 times to me this year, and in 3/3 cases, they accepted the gig extra and were happy in the end too, as was I. It’s possible that they wouldn’t accept the gig extra, though, I don’t know what kind of customers your gigs attract, but if you never ask, you’ll never know if they might not pay for everything they ordered, afyer all, and you will keep giving away your time, the most valuable thing you own, for free. Yes you are definitely right. When that happen, to be honest i keep thinking of a way to how to approach them without making it a big deal. If they are new to fiverr, i keep a good distance so they feel comfortable dealing with me for future orders. Now to show them that am greedy (which am not) for an extra 50-90 words…it’s a little bit cringey. I learned something good from all of this. patience is the key. And sooner or later i will take what i want which is a long term clients. Thank you very much for your comment 🙂
  15. As a voiceover i have been in these situations from time to time, buyers don’t message me and they put an order with even more words than of what my gig is for 5$ 😪. Now what i do on these situations? Nothing at all, i just folllow their requirements, being polite, deliver on time. They leave happy and i do some meditation to relax my self before blocking them lol
  16. It’s an old post. Consider taking some time to look how old is the post is. Thank you 🙂
  17. New Guinea singing dog I bet no one heard about this one lol
  18. Fiverr strictly indicates about not to start a project before placing an order. Hope the best for you, good luck.
  19. Hi Eilidh! Welcome to the forum. A boost of tips for you.😊 Good luck 🙂
  20. Welcome to the forum! I recommend this for you. Best of luck.🙂
  21. As a voice over as well, i totally agree with you. Communication and patience are the key to be successful here or even with life. Thank you for the advice, have a great day.
  22. Firstly welcome to the forum. Very sorry to hear that, just simply report him and you will find a better deal from other seller. Have a great day
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