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  1. Hello, I'm a level 2 seller video editor. I activated out of office mode in my account for about 2~3 months for being busy. Now, It's been 4 months since I got an order. I can't even find my gig on search pages. Is there any hope to make the account active again? What should I do to improve my position in search pages once again and start getting orders like before? Thanks in advance! George.
  2. Thank you guys for your help! I canceled the order by mutual cancellation then the CS fixed my rate again.
  3. I had an issue like this recently. I contacted CS through their Help & Support page. The one you get to by going to your profile and choosing Help & Support. On the next page go to, the bottom and choose Seller Help Center. Go to the bottom of that page and select Contact US Then, finally you are at a place where you can send them a message. I told them of the situation and said I was going to be forced to cancel the order, but I did not want it to affect my stats as it was not my fault. At first, it did lower my stats, but after CS got back to me, they went back up. Good luck. So you are saying that you canceled the order with the mutual cancellation in the resolution center and it lowered your rate then after contacting the CS they were able to get your completion rate up again?
  4. CS will cancel it without lowering your completion rate. Don’t worry about that. The problem I have that they are taking too long to reply and the order delivery time will end today.
  5. I tried but he just wants a many things and he only want to pay for the basic package. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the price or anything. But I just don’t like to be exploited. I’d rather get my competition rate affected than completing this order
  6. Probably not 😦 I mean, it’s possible, since it wasn’t really your fault - but it’s very rare for Fiverr to remove reviews. You’ve done all the right things - I really hope it works out in your favor, but if not, try not to sweat it. Your cancellation rate rolls on a 60-day cycle and you can definitely make up for it with future orders. It’s not permanent 🙂 I hope so. Thank you so much for trying to help me 🙂 I hope they add an option or something to prevent buyers from ordering before contacting the seller 😅
  7. I went to Resolution Center and asked the buyer to extend the order delivery time until the customer support response. I hope he replies to me soon. If he didn’t reply, I’ll take the hit with a mutual cancellation. I’m wondering if the CS can remove the negative feedback which I will get because of the late delivery if I just waited without doing anything.
  8. So, even if they canceled the order, my delivery on time rate will still be affected??
  9. Hi! the seller ordered the wrong package without contacting me before ordering despite writing it everywhere " contact me before ordering" even it’s clear from my packages description that his requirements are only included in the standard package. Now, he wants the standard package editing with the price of the basic package which is not acceptable. and we agreed on cancellation. I contacted customer support to cancel the order 3 days ago but they haven’t responded yet and the order delivery timer has only 10h left! What if the support canceled the order after the delivery time is ended? will that affect my Delivered on Time rate? I don’t want to cancel it from the resolution center because that will affect my Order Completion rate. Thanks!
  10. Your argument is becoming more and more invalid. You paid for the license to use the template one time, and not for resale. This does not mean that you can use the template for repeated orders. No. Your gig is likely gone for good. Fiverr gave you the reason why it was an illegal video/gig, and they do not appear to have anything else to tell you. I think you haven’t read the rest of my reply. And I excuse you If you haven’t dealt with After effects or templates ever to understand. I won’t reply to you again. Thank you so much for trying to help.
  11. Using ANY part of someone else’s template is not OK and is a breach of the license for that template - even if you are only using parts of it. I don’t know why so many people think it is OK to do that. You may see other gigs using templates like this, but it will only be a matter of time until they are also removed. Please just use your own templates that you create. I mean in the main gig’s video which I paid for it. And that’s not how templates work. I can take Ideas from the templates. I can design exact the same effect once I knew how it’s done, there is no copyright for this. and that what we do. We don’t just take the template and send it to the client of course. Actually I have only opened the template file once. Templates are not software to use. I hope you understand how templates work now. Now all i need is to know if there is any chance to get the gig back then modify it or it’s impossible? Thank you in advance
  12. If you want to sell videos on fiverr 100% of them need to be custom or from YOUR OWN template or you are breaching the license terms of the template. If you are able to make custom videos, then why would you not have a custom video for your own video gig??? If you make a new gig, use only your own templates and your own work and you won’t run into any further problems. the video wasn’t 100% of the template. I just use elements to help and the title is a kind of slideshow not a name to have copyrights. Thanks
  13. I think you are right. but as I told you every client came with his own requirements so i don’t use the template. Anyway, I was hoping that I can get it back because of the client’s feedback but it seems impossible. Thanks for clarifying things to me
  14. I’m sure they do… and, as you experienced, perhaps they are starting to crack down on it. But they denied the gig because of the video not the content! I hope you understand me.
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