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  1. Usually i get enough orders and messages at the start of every month. But February month is going very bad. Zero orders till now. 😦 Can anyone give me some suggestions?
  2. welcome to fiverr and best of luck for the future.
  3. do marketing on social medias to rank up your gig.
  4. are you Level 1 seller or Level 2 seller?
  5. Welcome to the best marketplace​:slight_smile:🙂
  6. i can’t say exactly how much but i can insure that mutual cancellation affects less than buyer’s cancellation.
  7. Do marketing on Twitter and Linkedin everyday.
  8. read different topics everyday. you will learn many things. try to help others by replying on their posts.
  9. during vacation time Fiverr extend the time buyers can review the deliveries to 7 days.
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