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  1. Well I see something good here.This option will value the professional more. Because ,the people want it cheaper they will get what they exactly needed.Also the people actually looks for a better will get better design. 😃
  2. Sorry, it did look strange that you’d ask what they were, and when I checked, you were offering them already. It reminded me of a bunch of sellers complaining they were getting no sales and also asking what this or that was, and when I check their gigs, it turns out they’re offering things they clearly don’t know how to do. Glad to know you’re not one of them, and good luck! Yeah I know anyway thank you for the help
  3. And also If I offer them and do not give them to buyers just look at my clients reviews.Yes I am not establish like you guys.I know what I know and I don’t know hat I do not know.That is why I was asking the question also.
  4. Thank you for your reply guys. @coerdelion yes you are right.I did not offer them as I do not know about them. But I edited the gig and now I know what are them exactly .So now I am offering them. Thank you for the advise guys. @catwriter I explained what happen in the situations. I know what I am doing and I am respecting all the buyers ,they are my clients. I am not a scammer or someone toying with someones money.Just don’t treat me like that guys. Any way thank you for your concerns!
  5. Please explain me,What is social media kit and Stationary Designs in logo designs please? I am a new seller here I need to know what I have to offer here.Please Help me. Thanks!
  6. That is a good idea.But also we have some issues also.But this is good idea anyway.We can start with that.
  7. Yeah that is the best thing to do in this situation . @lynmotion
  8. That is confusing.I don’t think that they allow anything other than those URLs.When fiverr review you profile or gigs that might be a problem.
  9. Thank you! But it that is an issue I have to change it again.I will do that.Thanks again! @agenciawem
  10. My gigs had around 1k impressions a day ,but suddenly they were dropping and now it is around 1 or 2 per a day.I did some changes in gig images and nothing else I can’t find any reason on that.Is there anything that I should know.Please help. Please if you can review my gig and tell me,That would be a great help.
  11. I am recently having this issue on sharing my gig detail on social media.It gives me clicks on my gig.But not the order,Please add some suggestions to find my target audience.
  12. Yes.You can! Please use the article and you can see the list of allowed URLs from fiverr in bottom ( Managing Gigs). https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/seller-faqs
  13. I would say do some research about your category and just spend some time searching about the gigs. You have to spend some time and be patient and work towards one aim all the time. Yeah I am not a top rated seller.I have not get an Oder since 4 months. Yet I am trying because I love to be her in fiverr and I love the work I do!
  14. Well come here from another Srilankan.Cheers!
  15. Well, that is kind of true but I think the benefits from the forum is much more than one or two bad experiences
  16. Totally agreed. Lower your rate, the more you insane 😑
  17. Warm welcome from Sri Lanka.Wish you a great time here!
  18. There is another way I experienced.Some guy(Obviously he was not a buyer) send me a RAR file and a password to open it,Immediately I have informed to fiverr customer service then
  19. This is something I recently experienced.I was updated some creative images on images without using the basics and next days I got around 6 orders just for that change.
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