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  1. As a reply to comments about the risk being low; I am convinced (and know personal accounts to know this) that the risk is very real even with ONLY a copy of ID. An ID allows you to open up a bank account, rent a house, lend money from quick loan companies, open up credit accounts and in turn order lots of products with shops… and then disappear. In the end, the debt collectors will end up at your address and your life will be a mess with no one able to help you. This is unfortunately a very common story.
  2. You are wrong. Fiverr is a global company, not subject to the laws of any country. Work on Fiverr is a privilege, not a right, and a privilege can be granted or taken away under any number of conditions. Besides, the EU loves Fiverr because they’re collecting taxes from Fiverr sellers. I hear that when you withdraw your Fiverr money in Europe, you pay a VAT immediately. Think of Fiverr like any business in the new economy, like Lyft, Uber, etc. The rules and standards are different, the reality of working here is different. Here’s an example, Amsterdam has a red light district, Fiverr doesn’t. I wish it did, but alas, they want to keep it family-friendly for some reason. It’s the way things are. So if Fiverr wants a passport and you want to make money, give them the passport. What’s the worst that can happen? The worst that can happen is like I said, passport abuse for identity theft which happens fairly commonly, where the victims are left with big financial debts
  3. An internet service is subject to the law of the country it is accessed from. For this reason for instance, companies that operate from the USA, must adapt their sites in such a way that it complies to the GDPR when visited from an IP within the EU. For that reason, some sites even decided to block any visitor from the EU to not have to go through the hassle. Fiverr clearly didn’t and therefore I may expect their data storage of my account is GDPR compliant. And also Dutch passport Law compliant. Another example is the EU “right to be forgotten” that forces Google to delete search results for EU citizens. And many country specific rules apply to various services. Netflix and Spotify have a big complicated web of rules in their backend to make their service work with the law in every country they offer their services in. And as far as I understand, yes, Fiverr may choose to not work with me, but this may not be because of me not willing to provide a copy of my passport. Blocking me access to anything solely for this reason is forbidden by law. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  4. Hello, After a few successful sales, I now received a message from Fiverr stating that I need to send them a copy of my passport in order to proceed selling on the platform. By Dutch law (which apply to me as a citizen of The Netherlands and who works there), a company such as Fiverr is not allowed to require a copy of identification. Only governmental institutions may require this. A company may ask for a copy of the ID, but I should be free to decline this request. As a matter of fact, it is explicitly advised by our own government to never share an ID with unauthorized organizations, since the more places have a copy your ID stored, the greater the risk of a criminal gaining access to it and abusing it for identity theft. So how do I circumvent the passport requirement? There must be a way, for Fiverr to be able to legally operate in my country.
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