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  1. can we take time extension for multiple time may be ( 6 to 10 times ) by dispute from client ? I hope it will no issues if someone takes I really appreciate if someone share his experience Thank you
  2. I did the same but still facing same issue anyhow let me try again Thank you
  3. hello @iskrapro1 Im facing same issue may you please help in this regards how you fix this issue ? Looking forward to hearing from you
  4. I already selected that option !!! when ever i click on the W-9 form option from settings No is already selected. There is no save option which ensure us that you selected option is saved now !! Secondly will fiverr notify us that we are done with this process & how long it will take to notify us ? share your thoughts i would be thankful to you @english_voice
  5. Hi Everyone, I’m from Pakistan and I received email from fiverr couple of days a go that You are required to fill it out * if you’re defined as a U.S. person by the U.S. tax authorities. and check this within the next 30 days to keep your Gigs active. however I’m not USA person and confirm that I provide services outside USA. ( file attached ) Now can any one let me know is there any next step which is required for the verification of non usa person ? Looking forward for guidance Capture11111738×606 30.4 KB Best Regrads Faizan Muhammad
  6. I have seen other topics too on fiverr forum most of people commented that there is bug or fiverr is updating !!!
  7. I think so. Migth be fiverr is updating !!!
  8. Hello Every One !!! I am online 24/7 and My all gig impression view etc all down. no orders like past 6 months. I am confuse that Fiverr is totally down due to covid 19 or i have to modify the gigs ? Please help me
  9. its good news for me thank you very much for sharing your thoughts
  10. Hello Everyone , I want to ask that one of my client want to place order on daily basis i-e 30 days 30 orders. Because he want to make check and balance on my work. Does it make any issue for me to get orders on fiverr on daily basis ? Share your thoughts Thank you very much
  11. yes acutally i was worried about my account and that why i insist my room mate to setup his own system and internet connection
  12. I am mechanical engineer and providing cad designing services on fiverr. My room mate is also mechanical engineer so now impressed by me he also wants to start to work on fiverr . we have two different internet connection and two different system i-e Laptop and PC. so now question is there will be any risk of account suspension i use my laptop and wifi connection for my fiverr profile and my room mate start to use PC desktop with another internet 4g device to make his fiverr profile. Thanks
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