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  1. Have you received any payments in your bank after you chose exempt? I think they will ask you for the certificate at some point There is nothing to do with receiving payment, this deduction will be carried out right after the buyer placing an order. And yeah I receive payments as usual and Fiverr takes 1% TDS for Section 194-O since I provided the PAN (Deduction takes place when the buyer place the order only not after that and also you can see that in Earnings tabs too).
  2. For fellow friends who is still confused, selecting the Exempt option doesn’t mean you’re automatically excluded from Section-194 tax unless you provide the exemption certificate to the customer support and specifically ask not to deduct TCS .You can select the Exempt option and provide PAN number and fiverr will deduct 1% tax at every sales, later you can claim it when you pay your income tax (it’ll be reflected on Form-26AS as @prahladyeri mentioned) I don’t know what is up with Export option but I think it’s good to select Exempt option because fiverr will deduct 1% if you don’t bring them exemption the certificate anyways. I’m choosing Exempt because my fiverr income won’t be always above 5 Lac per annum it’s unpredictable for me so I’ll claim the TDS when I pay my taxes. simple as that. If you are still in doubt then get some advice from CA who have better knowledge about e-com and freelancing. Edit: Also don’t confuse TCS with TDS, the whole Section 194-O Tax is all about TDS
  3. In my opinion it’s better go with exempt option because Fiverr must deduct 1% (5% if no pan provided) from sellers as per Section 194-0 Tax also it is not only for fiverr, it is applicable to the all e-com platform in india. If the seller earns less than 500K INR then they can ask for opt out.
  4. Even if you guys selected exempt fiverr will deduct 1% TCS (5% if no PAN provided), if you gave the exemption certificate to the support then there’ll be no TCS deduction. Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. More info here, explained clearly.
  5. I selected the exempt option and it didn’t ask me for any certification or whatsoever.
  6. 19th Jan -> Stats are going down. I think gig rotation kicked in again.
  7. -> 5th Jan Gig came to the first page but still impressions are lower. It was supposed to be above 300 impressions and 20 clicks daily but it is still at around 70 and 2 or 3 clicks. I know this is because of the position. Normally my gig would be positioned on 1st or 2nd row but now it is still on last row and last position. Let me know guys if your gigs are brought back to the position where it was before(Like how it was before all these started) or not yet. UPDATE : -> 7th Jan 2021, everything came back to normal (normal like before all these things happened). So anyone reading this thread, don’t worry guys it’ll be alright for you. Wait for your turn.
  8. Mine too, it used to be on a last page and last row and from around 8 hrs ago it was on the first page last row. I literally changed nothing in my Gig. So I think we’re all getting this at the same time (like fiverr applied some beta testing on search algorithm on us). It started on 8th Dec on my side too. I want to mention that I just manually turned on and off availability mode (offline or online) from my phone’s fiverr app last night. I can’t say that’s what directly influenced this. I’m gonna wait for couple of days and will monitor how it goes. Anyways anyone else have seen improvement so far? @kulkicreatives how about you brother?
  9. @markwilsson I searched for vintage retro logo design and it showed me bunch of new sellers with no reviews to ones with 4.5 or 4.7 . This is kinda sad that you’re good in that service and having more than thousands of positive reviews but your gig didn’t show up. I feel bad that you’re facing this for a long time (it should not be a gig rotation thing in this case). EDIT: why are the post edits not updating properly, maybe I should clean the cache or is it happening to everyone?
  10. You are Right, But Is It Make Sense That a Level 2 Seller Only Get 100-200 Impressions per day! I Think It’s Not Good For Level 2 sellers, as you can check My Fiverr profile. Can you please show me your gigs analytics? Yeah, I can see it was bit rough on Sep, Oct and Nov for you. This problem started for me since November only. Previously I had the same issue on June - July and it was solved in approx. 4 weeks without doing anything. At that time I linked that with cancellations that I got during those period but from last month it’s clear for me that it is not the performance issue and it is something else like maybe fiverr testing newer algorithm or something who knows.
  11. It’s Happening With Me I Think consistently Screenshot_11866×790 67.3 KB Screenshot_21905×786 68.5 KBHere You Can Check My Gigs Analytics Last 6 Months and I Get Almost 0 Orders also if you check my profile its very good I have courses badges and well-optimized gigs but still I am facing this issue You should consider stats only after Aug 20 because we had a overall bug with stats before that and it is not showing up. It is showing 0 impression for me before Aug 26.
  12. You mean you’re facing this constantly? or having ups and downs? image1336×404 28.8 KBI’m gonna wait until Jan 2nd to see if something changes. Currently not sure whether they purposefully doing this for newbies or a bug.
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