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  1. Welcome to Fiverr. You should post more gigs in areas you know you can perform very well. You should have at least 4 gigs right now. It enables visibility and ranking of gigs.
  2. Firstly, improve your English. Secondly, your package description is literally the same for all packages. Why should people pay $25 when you’re doing the same thing for $15? Thirdly, your gig description just doesn’t cut it. Look at the best ranking gigs for your category and learn from them.
  3. Nope. I do not agree with you at all. It’s a competitive site. The fact that you have been here longer than others does not guarantee you a permanent top spot in the hierarchy. Up your game, and you will stay up.
  4. I’ve also had this issue, predominantly when going through Chrome to get to the website, but I find that I get buyer requests when using the app.
  5. I have been seeing quite a lot of this in the buyer requests I receive. I really do not know if it’s a scammer or a legit buyer. I try not to click on the links, however.
  6. One thing I noticed are spelling mistakes in your gig title, and your profile description. Also, a high quality image is needed. Yours look blurry. As a better way to get clients, use a video or a picture of yourself. Cheers!
  7. Fiverr also takes service fees from the tips, so I believe it is majorly in their interest to push a buyer to tip. More payments, more tips, more money.
  8. The issue I have is being shown 5 buyer requests, but I am not able to view the 5th one. It usually ends at (4/5), and no matter how I try, because I like to believe there’s power in my fingers to swipe it to the last one, it just doesn’t budge.
  9. Was there no effective communication between you and your buyer? I do feel that the files that were sent ought to have been discussed deeply, and the size mentioned before the order was made.
  10. Congratulations. I have recently started focusing on my gigs, and I hope to share my success story too. Its not been easy but I will get there.
  11. I never seem to have that issue of not being able to sleep. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m in Dreamland. I do recall not being able to sleep once, no matter how I tried. I had just changed locations, and I am quite prone to having system changes when in a new environment. It was definitely not a great experience.
  12. Congratulations. We’re hoping to join you soon.
  13. Congratulations. It’s so refreshing to see that you didn’t give up.
  14. I recently had this issue, and then I changed my category to the relevant one, and started getting buyer requests.
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