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  1. Payonner support team is bit of slow. So try to communicate again and again. Submitted means it’s not approved yet. If any assistance needed feel free to communicate again. Thanks!
  2. Yes I did. It was basically problem of my payoneer account. When you open an account on payonner they demand some verification like National ID etc. I did submitted all my documents to the payonner but they didn’t approved my documents. Meanwhile I transferred my fund Fiverr to payonner. As my account was not actually completed because of documents verification that’s why my fund was pending somewhere in between Fiverr and Payonner. When I realized they didn’t approved my documents then I contact to Payonner support team afterwards they approved my documents. In next day I got my payments. Let me know what kind of problem exactly you’re facing.
  3. It’s been 2 days withdrawn from Fiverr via Bank Transfer, but it is still under review at Payoneer account, showing pending status. I have withdrawn for the first time. Please help me.
  4. I published couple of gigs in my account. In my every gig I put Five tags. But after publishing there are only one or two appeared below the gig description. But I saw others have Five tags in there gig. What’s the reason behind this.
  5. Thanks. Can you please give me another answer. Someone want to design a brochure without order. Isn’t that a violation of Fiverr policy. This guy asking me to do this for a week.
  6. Can I use my another gig link with my client while we chat?
  7. I think the opposite, freelancers work a lot less hours than people with full-time jobs. They choose where to work, how to work, what projects to do. They’re not employees, they’re not asked to come on weekends, they can limit maximum orders, even go on vacation mode. Besides, there’s no proof that gig marketing works. Maybe it works for some, but not all. So if I sacrifice my health, will I be successful? What about sacrificing family, marriage, relationships? Should we be like the investment banker that works 90 hours a week and has no life? Sacrifice is overrated. Some of us believe in work/life balance. There’s even a book called The 4-Hour Workweek about an IT guy who discovered he could have a great life working just 4-hours a week. Just loved the speech
  8. Truth is everyone is not earning 4k$. Few of them can make it.
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