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  1. Note that only Gigs in the following categories are included in this new functionality: IllustrationBook DesignAlbum Cover DesignSocial Media DesignPresentation DesignFlyer DesignArchitecture & Interior Design > 3D Modeling & RenderingSession MusiciansVoice OverProduct Photography
  2. Please note that this is available for selected categories only, make sure the Gig you edit is included in those categories.
  3. Hey, could your share the link to your Gig?
  4. See this one: Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  5. These are supported now, for both Gig and custom offer.
  6. Done. Thank you so much for reporting the issue, great way for us to improve fast. Fiverr team.
  7. I understand your point. Thr current way it ia formed is that a language with multiple accents requires a selection of the accent, it works the same for English although the vast majority of sellers are speaking in an American accent, similar situation with French. Adding a Netherlands accent could be the quickest solution though I understand it is not exactly the same since dialect and accent aren’t the same.
  8. Thank you for reporting this. we understand the frustration, and we’ll work to fix it ASAP. Would you say that adding “Dutch - Netherlands” / “Dutch - Hollandic” as dialects for dutch will solve the issue?
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