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  1. There may be different numbers of buyer requests available, depending on the category(ies) in which you’re offering gigs, even if you have no level. I was offering a video service - it was moved by Fiverr into the ‘live spokesperson’ category,even though it wasn’t quite right for it. I saw many buyer requests, when I hadn’t seen any previously as a no level seller. Obviously I didn’t respond to them. I’m not suggesting everyone starts a spokesperson gig BTW - just using it as an example! 😉
  2. This one. ⬇️ I have a deja vu. It seems that someone else copied your packages, errors included. And the gig image too! There seem to be an awful lot of coincidences/copying going on?
  3. Judging by the fact that your buyer doesn’t seem to have a Fiverr account any more, I’d guess it was a PayPal chargeback. Reply to Fiverr CS and see if they can help you. Sorry - the explanation as to how it’s happened doesn’t make it any fairer. :frowning_face:
  4. Offering a gig where there aren’t over 59,000 competitors? Is there anything you could offer apart from logo design?
  5. Try using the number keys above your keyboard rather than the numerical keypad.
  6. Most complaints are usually based on the fact that the online filter doesn’t work and sellers are shown as offline even when they’re not. A lot of sellers will be happy to finally be seeing themselves as online even if they’re not, but then they’d have to be online to see the difference anyway? 😉 Maybe they’re trying to fix it - yeah! 👏
  7. It’s against the ToS to have identical gigs - maybe best to lose a few? Also - the scantily clad, busty lady? That would put most female users off…
  8. You should be able to do that when the seller has redelivered your order with the requested revisions made. It will change to delivered when your seller redelivers.
  9. Might be a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway. 😉 If sellers are frustrated by how gigs are being shown (or not) in the search results, might buyers be similarly frustrated? Sellers tend to search for their own gigs because they want to see where they are. Buyers use the search because they’re looking for the right item from the right seller. if they’re not being shown the right gigs for them, are they not going to be less likely to buy? The search results really should match what buyers are looking for. Who knows, maybe they do? 🙂
  10. You can make edits to any or all parts of your gig whenever you like. The only thing to remember is that if you’re in the process of delivering a gig, you need to deliver the gig as it was when it was ordered, before you made any changes.
  11. Not replying to the post is definitely going to make him look guilty (even if he probably isn’t). :thinking: @smiler3d I was still editing my post. I tagged the wrong person by mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m sorry for the confusion caused. Deleted - mistake identity. 🙂
  12. I think it’s safe to say that nobody here knows any more than you do, based on the small amount of info given in the notification. Maybe it’s something they’re planning for the future? Who knows? Possibly if you ask CS they might be able to enlighten you? 🙂
  13. And maybe it’s because of the phase of the moon? It’s as likely. Please don’t make stuff up which is going to scare other users without any proof.
  14. I hope sellers don’t (either deliberately or otherwise) misconstrue your suggestion and start sending BRs (advertising their gigs), hoping that other buyers can see them. 🤞 Only if they’re very stupid. 🙂
  15. There are 2 ways to promote your gigs: by using Fiverr’s buyer request feature (added for those who may not know how the BR feature works - this is by responding to buyer requests, not posting them as sellers).by promoting your gig off FiverrFiverr won’t promote your gig for you - you’ll need to do that. 🙂
  16. You’re quite right to use concerts as a translation for gigs - a concert is a gig, but a Fiverr gig isn’t a concert - hope that makes sense. Not sure how you could translate it to be honest! 🙂
  17. Many, many moons ago, I played the double bass to a fairly reasonable standard in local and national orchestras. I didn’t play the clarinet, because I wasn’t a clarinetist. Nobody criticised me for not playing the clarinet, because I played the double bass. The orchestra had other people to play the clarinet, so it was all good. I think the expectation that as ‘one man bands’, which most of us are on Fiverr, we should all be able to market our gigs etc. and if we don’t we’re being lazy, entitled etc. is repeated too often. Some of us have that ability - fantastic! Some of us don’t - that’s life. If you’re going to be great at what you do, keep doing it to the best of your ability and hire somebody, whether on Fiverr or not, to do the stuff you don’t like, or you can’t do. Just because we can’t do everything doesn’t mean we’ve failed. It’s better to be good at one thing - whatever it is you’re offering in your gigs. Every business, including car manufacturers (those businesses are usually a little bigger than the average Fiverr seller’s) has a large marketing department and a budget to match. Maybe if you scale things down a little and give one of the many marketing experts on Fiverr a try it might work well for you?
  18. One way would be to remake your video with the image that you want to use added at the end. Once it’s been approved etc. you can edit the video so that you can choose the image at the end as your thumbnail.
  19. Yes - don’t send former clients messages encouraging them to buy from you again. It could quite rightly be counted as spam. 😉
  20. Grand thanks - hope you are too, apart from not being able to sleep. Maybe read a book or watch TV?
  21. 🔟 that’s got to be the weirdest post of the week so far… 😉
  22. My problem is different because of my gig is extremely pushed by fiverr it is not rotating but it is again and again pushing by fiverr 😎 Fiverr decides where your gig is. There’s nothing you, nor anybody else can do to help it, improve it, move it etc. Constantly asking what can be done, and indeed checking its position is a waste of your time. Can you not find a hobby that doesn’t involve pressing F5 constantly to see where your gig is? The advice you should have taken is this from hanshuber: To be honest, there’s no point in worrying too much over your gigs’ placement as your gigs are always moving all over the place.
  23. You’ve already had a really good answer: 🙂 You keep asking similar questions, to which none of us have the answer. https://forum.fiverr.com/t/my-gig-is-wrong-with-category/323876/14 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/my-gig-is-appearing-in-google-chrome-private-window-on-first-page-but-not-in-other-browsers/323740/16 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/my-gig-issue-disappearance-after-updating/323497/19 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/here-is-account-issue/323354/10 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/my-gig-suddenly-disappeared-after-when-i-updated-tags/322732/4 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/my-gig-suddenly-went-down/320648/20
  24. No it won’t. 🙂 Your order will automatically complete 3 days after you delivered. You’ll be able to withdraw your funds 14 days after that. Your buyer doesn’t have to respond after you’ve delivered. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/withdrawing-funds
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