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  1. What, really? How do you know this? I try to respond to my reviews, especially the really nice ones. I can’t imagine someone being annoyed by me saying thanks lol what am I missing? Other way around. Catwriter is saying it may be off-putting that olie01 doesn’t respond publicly to reviews.
  2. After you’ve reviewed a buyer, once they review you you’ll get a text box on the order page, which tells you that’s how you respond to the review. It looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/ayn5MDd.png
  3. People clicking on gig links does nothing for your impressions, and likely doesn’t affect ranking either.
  4. You’re correct - impressions are literally just how much your gig shows up in search results.
  5. No it won’t. Stop spreading this ridiculous misinformation around - sharing your gigs has NOTHING to do with impressions or “ranked your gig”. Edit - And to anyone else that comes here and reads this - if you go around spamming your gig links, you will either be completely ignored or banned wherever you’re doing it. Do not listen to people encouraging this stupid behaviour.
  6. I always have issues finding my own gig. Right now, I can only see it (when signed out) if I type the exact title. I’m nowhere to be found if I just go through the subcategories of search. I’ll see if I can find yours in a bit, heading home.
  7. Fiverr links are banned in a lot of self promotion subreddits. Good luck being able to post your gig anywhere but the fiverr gigs subreddit - where no one will look at it. Also, most regular subs would delete your posts as a lot are against self promotion.
  8. Why on earth would anyone be worried with that many orders in queue? This just seems silly now.
  9. You don’t have to do anything. Gigs rotate in search all the time - no one stays on the first page forever.
  10. This post was made over a year ago. Don’t resurrect dead posts.
  11. With only 9 reviews, no, I do not recommend you increase your gig price. I doubt you’ll see enough sales to make up for the fact that you’re most likely going to get less orders. Just be patient and continue doing what you’re doing.
  12. After three whole months of silence, I personally would tell them that I no longer have the original files. You aren’t obligated to continue working with the person once the order is done. Not quite sure I understand your question though - are you asking if the “marked as complete in 3 days” message shows up for everyone? Because if so, yes, it does.
  13. “I Will Your Bitcoin Website And Link Promote Socialmedia” doesn’t make any sense. I can’t even figure out what it is you’re trying to say with this title. “I Will Mobile App Marketing And App Promotion” also doesn’t make sense. Your gig packages are also written very poorly, for example “promote your app 10 million social media and give you 20 live screenshots”. From looking at these, I can’t tell what exactly I would be getting if I were to order from you. You need to improve your English. You also have several duplicate gigs - why?
  14. Just goes to show that seller level isn’t everything. Anyone can give stupid advice. I was at work at the time, so wasn’t spending as long as I would have liked going through the forum. It took me ~3 days to get my first order, after which I think I had around 100 impressions in total. I’m not the best example for that though as my first two orders were clients I brought to the site. My third and fourth orders were 1 and 2 weeks after that respectively, with around 600 total impressions after the fourth.
  15. Why do you have duplicate gigs? For example, these two: https://www.fiverr.com/pixperpoint/design-a-full-signature-branding-kit?context_referrer=user_page&ref_ctx_id=8a776a7c-3840-46c9-b6ab-ca99de9c6849&pckg_id=1&pos=1 | https://www.fiverr.com/pixperpoint/design-a-full-signature-branding-kit-for-you?context_referrer=user_page&ref_ctx_id=8a776a7c-3840-46c9-b6ab-ca99de9c6849&pckg_id=1&pos=5. You have three gigs all offering a “full signature branding kit”, and four offering various logo designs. I don’t understand why you need more than two gigs here - one for signature branding kits and one for logos. I suppose you could separate the logos into 1 signature and 1 minimalist gig, but any more than that is too much. Have you just been creating, deleting, pausing and restarting gigs repeatedly? If someone has told you this is the best way to get sales, you need to stop listening to that person. I’d also like to know if you really do speak English, Spanish, German and French at a decent level, or if “conversational” really means “Google Translate”. If you don’t actually speak these languages, then I suggest removing them from your profile. Strange to see that you’re supposedly from Pakistan, but don’t speak anything like Urdu… To answer your first question - After you’ve sorted out your duplicate gigs, you could look into improving your grammar and general language use across your gigs and seller ‘about’ section. Something that I noticed almost immediately was that you claim to be a group of people in your about section, yet all of your gig titles are written as if you are one person. Your gig descriptions are also a mixture of the two. Other than that I can’t see anything wrong with them, you just need to be patient. You’re new to the site, almost everyone starts off slow.
  16. If it’s marked as spam, no it won’t affect your response rate. You could always respond with “Not interested.” and then block the person if you’re worried though.
  17. You don’t need buyer requests then, you need to create a custom offer. The button (Create an Offer) is right there in messages. Buyer requests are where buyers put up a request including what they need, budget, deadline etc, and then sellers can respond to those requests with their offers. You need to Switch to Selling to get to it, select More, and then Buyer Requests.
  18. Hasn’t happened to me personally, but I’ve seen other sellers around here mention the same thing. They just leave the orders there - nothing you can do about it without hurting your stats, unfortunately.
  19. Are you asking me how you get your gig onto the first page? Because I can’t tell you how to do that. No one can - none of us know what Fiverr’s algorithm is. We just know that they rotate gigs in search. As for your gig image, it’s good as far as I can tell. Clear, immediately lets me know exactly what you’re selling.
  20. Not getting orders doesn’t mean there’s a problem. Sellers experience dips in sales all the time - some go weeks or months without orders. What?
  21. The pinned forum post titled “Introducing Fiverr Studios” explains what it is, I’m surprised you missed it.
  22. Tricks? No… And not having any reviews does not mean your gig won’t show up in search. Give this a read: Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]
  23. False. Impressions are when your gig shows up in Fiverr’s search results - that’s it. They are not affected by sharing gigs or getting people to click on them.
  24. Could take an hour, could take a few days. I’ve never known it to take longer than a week, but it’s possible - it states in that screenshot that it could take up to 30 days. For me it took about 3 hours.
  25. Good lord, this entire thread is such an awkward read.
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