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  1. Unconfirmed , but i think changes to your gig, takes it off search results for a short period of time.
  2. Hi wp_dev, try clearing your browser cache, cookies, java, – all that stuff;
  3. Actually my client told me that "I read that when an email is required to complete the job you can provide it. In order to give you access to Dropbox folders I have to add your email address. This isn’t for communication it’s to access the files " Thats why i asked to confirm this .
  4. A client wants to share videos and documents with me through Dropbox and is asking for my email address, can I give him my email address? Is it allowed to share email address?
  5. Did you cancel yourself? Ask support to cancel such orders for you (people ordering and immediately canceling “ordered by mistake”, orders that would violate ToS, and the like) without it affecting your rate, many people have good experience with that, me too. i heard that Fiverr Support favors client in such case so i had to cancel my myself unfortunately 😑 , will try Fiverr Support next time
  6. Well i am also worried about “I do not agree with if it is mutual cancellation that the seller is penalized as if someone orders wrong, does not read etc. Why should the seller be punished (right?)” recently a client placed a order by mistake , which reduced my Order Completion rate , on the other hand i always delivered on time… The Question is why should be I responsible for someone’s mistake?
  7. Yepp , i think those “Flyer And Brochure” are not design by you , try to show your work
  8. “Again, even when a job is not really related to what you offer, you should still go ahead and apply for it if you think it’s something you can try to do.” I don’t agree this part , i mean why should you apply for a job that don’t belong to your niche?
  9. try adding a video , intro yourself and services you are providing
  10. Hi, i created my fiverr account few days ago , can i change my email address now?
  11. It is better if you don’t shorten the link. That way people will have a better idea of the website the link is going to take them to. Let’s say the shortened version of the link: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service is abcd.ef/xyz or something (they’re just random letters btw), people are more likely to click on the first URL because they know it is going to take them to Fiverr’s terms of service. However, the shortened link doesn’t offer people that information. ahh thanks , i just wanted to know if it is mandatory to shorten the link , else giving proper link is much better …
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