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  1. I Started my career on Fiverr in January. I have completed 26 Orders but I didn’t get response now from sending buyer request! Can anyone suggest to me about the photo editing service buyer request?? Here is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/DK16N
  2. Why I currently not Getting Orders from fiverr? Fiverr has charged 2$ extra and After that, I Think buyers are not enough coming in fiverr.
  3. I am using chrome. But sometimes chrome show windows dns problem. Is there any process to solve it.
  4. I have already completed my 1st order in 3 days and 4 orders are running. I need more orders by sending buyer request. Can anyone suggest me a buyer request which can help me for getting more orders. also see my gig and tell me how is it?
  5. Pray for me and my career. I will Complete my 1st Order tomorrow out of 3. I have a dream to support my family and Help The poor Childs.
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