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  1. alhamdulilah.after 3 month get level one badge again today.all gigs derank on last pages when i lost the bage.is it now again gigs start ranking.when lost badge all gigs stuck on last page.looking for experts opinion.thank you
  2. my question is when i get my badge back .than my gigs again get some ranking?and insha Allah i get my badge back this 15 january
  3. i am 24 hours online and send request daily from last 3 months regularly.but all of 7 gigs not move one step .in which two from them are on 1st page
  4. on this 15 all requirements are 100% so insha Allah get back level.is it help me
  5. i lost badge.i not work for some days bcz of a tragidy.from till my all gigs on last page
  6. thank you.but my all gigs on last page.everything is 100%
  7. i lost my level one seller badge after this suddenly all my gigs come on last page on last line i do every thing from last two month all gigs stuck even new gig also through on last page.i share on social media i get orders and positive feedback from old clients but all in vain.gigs still stuck.so now i am again eligible for level one on this 15 is after this my gigs move and rank or my gigs never moves.please tell me i lost all hope
  8. hello respectable members,hope your all doing well. i want to discuss about my gigs.from lat two months,my account all gigs are deranked even not show in 30+ pages one of my gig doing very well for me is on 1st page suddenly all gigs are disappear i try my best to getting back everything try change with best tags images but where the gigs stucked not comeup even with any filter the gigs shown in last line in last page please help even i share multi time on social media forum in a day. i am 24 hours online on my acount but all in vain also i send daily requests. please help how i get solve this. any body facing something like me and overcome this problem,thats nice from hearing you. thank you so much all
  9. one more thing there is a problem with my account tell me solution of this.my rating is 4.7 but for buyer it show 4.6 and my response time is one hour but it show to buyer 4 hours.and order completion rate one day show not avail other day 50 % another day 67% but all only one order cancel out of 30 please tell me in detail what is this
  10. no just make it catchy not fully change and also in first there is not proper keyword my first title is i will do business and brand logo now is i will do modern minimalist business logo design…
  11. so no issue if the title is different then url?
  12. hello all respected members.i need to know that change in gig title how affect your gig because my gig title which first i have is not catchy so i change but not change in url.looking for suggestions
  13. is logo designing market ios low in february
  14. thank you.its mean it not effect my gig .because i just change from and to or
  15. thank you for your suggestion.but if i can change how it effect my gig
  16. is we can change the title of gig little bit not full because i change but url not change how it effect my gig.thanks in advance
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