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  1. Welcome to Fiverr. I would strongly recommend following this free course from Fiverr that has some excellent tips for writing successful gigs and developing a strong profile. Learn from Fiverr Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr SellerLearn how to grow your freelance business on Fiverr, get Fiverr's top sellers best strategies and tips and become a successful online freelancer Regards, Simon
  2. Oh I see - he’s trying to take the work outside of Fiverr. Not worth the risk. I’d keep reporting to fiverr.
  3. I hate to say it but why did you give your mobile number out? I always keep all communication strictly on Fiverr and this is why.
  4. Im 4.9* from 87 reviews on 111 jobs. Its really nothing to be concerned about - my jobs haven’t suffered in any way.
  5. Welcome to Fiverr! My only real bit of advice is to make sure your gigs are well written and descriptive and give the user information on everything they are looking for. Make sure the gig titles are nice and SEO friendly and you’ll start showing up on the lists. Are you sharing your gigs remotely from Fiverr, for example on social media? Helps to share with your local community - I do on local Facebook groups etc… Hope your first sale is close at hand!
  6. Welcome to Fiverr and the forum Ravi! Good luck with your future Fiverr journey
  7. Hey all, Some advise if possible, buyer wants to buy one of my WordPress gigs, but wants to split the payment. I’m dubious as I’ve got no way of guaranteeing that I’ll get the other 50% of payment. What would you say to them if you were in my shoes?
  8. Welcome to the site - give us some more information then, what do you offer?
  9. Yeah I want to see more icons and various examples - keyline only etc… Mic it up a little! Show off what you can illustrate 🙂
  10. Hi all, Buyer wants to tip me after a job has been closed? She’s already tipped me once, but I’ve done a quick change on a job and she wants to tip again? Can it be done? Simon Pixels & Paper
  11. @joxpress an excellent tip for everyone - good shout! Grammarly is essential these days.
  12. As a previous poster said make sure your gig titles and descriptions are clear and informative. For example 2 days ago I added one word to a description on one of my gigs and am know being seen by nearly 1500 more buyers! Little things can make a big difference. Don’t give up and keep going!
  13. What are your gigs for? would be good to get an understanding of what you’re offering so we may be able to help.
  14. LEVEL 1 HERE I COME!! Made the $60 I needed 🙂 WHOOP WHOOP
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