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  1. You will be able to block the user after they have cancelled. To do that, click on their profile and click BLOCK under their profile pic. Of course, you will need to cancel first. Either do that via CS or the resolution center. What if the buyer won’t cancel the order?
  2. I am having an issue with a difficult buyer. They keep asking me to do something that I can not provide. I even sent them website links on how to do something and they ignored it then made a purchase for me to do what I told them I could not do. I also told them that it would be good to cancel the order and they work with someone else who actually specializes in the type of service they want by doing a search on Fiverr. They proceeded to be rude and ask me for the same exact thing again. Is there anyway for a seller to cancel an order or block a user after they have made a purchase or report a user who isn’t listening?
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