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  1. “You Fiverr experience” could be divided into two-part. One is for seller another is for the buyer. So we can find out important posts easily.
  2. Best Wishes to you. I hope you will able to reach your destiny ASAP.
  3. Yesterday my order completion rate decreased by 89% to 83%. Though I didn’t do any project within the previous weak. Also, noticed this type of problem previously 3-4 time. Is this something happening for bug or lag related issues or for anything else?
  4. Welcome to fiverr family. But don’t dream to be top rated seller over night. It is a matter of pursuit.
  5. Buyer request show in a specific time according to area. You have to keep an eye on that specific time .
  6. haven’t noticed anything but the app updated 🧐
  7. You have to add 3 images and pdf with proper seo. And also you have to make more eye catchy image. It is better if you add more faq in your gigs 😀
  8. Just scroll down and notice at the footer area. Yes, notice on the right side. You will find a currency changer. Then just change it to USD
  9. Yes, there is a lot of secret for boosting your gig. You have to discover those secrets by yourself. Nobody will tell you those things. You have to research more and more on Fiverr. Then you will find out those secrets. Recently I applied one secret way but It takes almost 6 months to apply this hot cake.
  10. You can trust fiverr and there is no fault in fiverr. But few days buyer are facing problem during buying .May be it happening for the bug and lag related issue.If you didn’t do any mistake , they will be flexible for your account.
  11. You should maintain all the rules and regulations perfectly otherwise it will affect in your account.Btw you will get back your money after 90 days according to fiverr rules and regulations.
  12. [mjensen415] Thank you for the announcement.
  13. You can try from different ISP, Browser. It can happen for the cache .
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