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  1. There is no doubt that contacting a seller before ordering will ensure a healthy and friendly deal.
  2. So… Are you saying that it is better for the seller to charge less and run at a loss… rather than charge $5000 because their gig requires them to charge that amount so that they don’t run at a loss? I don’t get it… How does that make sense? Feel free to elaborate. I don’t think it is about achieving a target. Let’s say a seller is offering a gig that requires them to put in 240 hours (30 days * 8 hours) of work and they have to invest in a certain number of consumables to get the work done. Let’s say that the cost of the consumables, as well as the work hours, comes up to $4,800 and the seller only nets a profit of $200 in the end. Do you still think the seller should charge less than $4,800 for the gig? Is it compulsory to accept the offer?
  3. Neither does “Thank you, this is useful for a newbie like me”, or any other variety of “Good tips!” posts. 🙂 I agree. Instead of including such formal statements, one should deliberately analyse the matter and then post his\her own creative idea so that readers can assess his/her ability and characteristics.
  4. We are helpless for such issues as, “all locks and laws are for a gentleman”!😉
  5. Indeed this is the best opportunity for a seller to prove himself. Passing such test will enable the seller to be more confident about the service he/she is going to offer. Further, this is more appriciable because it is totally free. Some sites are charging for such tests. This proves the fiverr to be quite ahead of others. Thanks fiverr!
  6. If an additional box is provided to mark the question as “doubtful”, and then if such doubtful questions are reviewed, it will help to improve the quality of test. This is because there is always a scope for betterment.
  7. When the amount reaches the same value after some times then there is no matter to worry. It may be a technical problem. However, you have taken appropriate action by reporting the issue to the fiverr team.
  8. If your new picture is better than previous, it will strengthen your gig or vice versa!
  9. Thanks, Optimistjishan for your warm response.
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