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  1. Disagree. I don’t really like to focus on things that I have no control. For me, as long as you (and me) can maintain your (and my) quality there is no issue with new competition. Moreover, old seller tends to have many reviews which is preferred from Buyer perspective.
  2. No idea, should wait for CS to answer your question. I’m just a seller like you 🙂
  3. I’m not a native English speaker, but I can see there are some errors on your writing on the GIG description. Your GIG description might not be reflecting your work. But, I would say it’s something crucial in Writing/Blog Post service.
  4. I would wait for CS Reply. During this pandemic, they take more time than usual. In my experience, they reply within 12-72 hours.
  5. Hi, Please take a look: I uploaded Video, it's more than 24 hours but its still under review?
  6. Hi, You can easily contact Fiverr CS regarding this issue. I had a similar issue before and it’s resolved by contacting them 🙂 Regards, Dean
  7. Hi, You could check your GIG status. Go to https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gigChoose “Why My GIG Doesn’t Appear”Choose your GIG.Then there will be a status of your GIG. Regards, Dean
  8. There are 2 ways to improve the situation. Get new order and good rating to improve your rating.Wait for 2 months and your rating will be back to 90%+Regards, Dean
  9. Hi, Usually they reply in 12-48 hours. Regards, Dean
  10. Hi, I have similar problem right now. Their verification system rejects my document 3 times. The best chance is to contact Fiverr support and they will give you last chance to provide your document. I’m still waiting for that last chance. I hope I can verify mine. After years being a seller, since 2013, I don’t want to lose my account so bad. Regards, Dean
  11. If I’m not mistaken, when seller marks the order as completed, the Buyer has 3 days to leave a review for the seller. If the buyer leave you a review, the order will be automatically closed. Otherwise, it will be automatically closed after 3 days.
  12. Hi, After delivering your service and the client forgot to mark it as complete, the Order will be automatically closed in 3 days. Hope it helps! 🙂
  13. Hi Cadmux, I tried to take a look into your GIG and suggestions that I could give are, Put more interesting image on your GIG. I believe image plays an important role to determine a potential buyer to click on your GIG and read the detailed description. If possible, put an attractive video. If you can’t create a nice image, look no further. It’s also available on Fiverr! Godd luck!
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