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  1. I did not get orders since 3,4 month, how can i get orders now. please help me guys
  2. You have over 100 reviews, which means you’ve likely earned somewhere between 100-200 orders so far. Respectfully, you already know how to “get orders”. Keep doing what you did to earn those 100-200 orders you’ve already gained. 🙂 Another thing you could do is take the time to market and promote your gigs to the target customers who need the services that you offer. If you aren’t gaining the the level of orders that you want through the Fiverr platform alone, then you might be able to gain more orders by connecting directly to your customers elsewhere – wherever they are located. Thank you lot of for your advise
  3. Hello every one, i got level 2 badge recently, but now no orders. please advise me how to get orders. My gig Link https://www.fiverr.com/mark_ard/design-2-minimalist-logo-in-24hrs
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