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  1. I have noticed a matter as when order come rapidly then after few week reduce order coming as per algorithm maybe. I want to suggest, while rapidly come order in your gig just you create 2/3 gig similar just little bit different then your order coming not reduce /stop at all Thank you Just share my experience.
  2. Keep try and research on specific category/topic as you will give service.
  3. make modern and trending gig image and eye catching then you get order i am sont sure 100% but get a good output thank you.
  4. if you read first fiverr term and condition then you feel free to know all matter. Because fiverr said them rules there. so if you follow fiverr rules then your account safe.
  5. Hi. I am Saidur as a designer Come to the point. Someone think about can i make career in fiverr then someone suggestion : dont depend on that. Actually if you follow the fiverr rules then you can settle here and you can think as your a permanent employee at a time. So give time on fiverr and try to understand fiverr. Fiverr is lovely calm place!
  6. Fiverr is a best marketing place because fiverr boost our services and get to help more clients. So we can say that fiverr best. not need at a time send buyer request. Just wait and see after a level. Buyer request you for your service. Every situation create fiverr as dont other marketplace. Thank you Fiverr!
  7. i noticed that a new seller always keep 5$ for gig sell. i think so better idea becasue if you so good designer/developer client don’t care but when get a level then client give a value. so we should first time gig price 5$ then easily get sell and make better something. No need buyer request when you gig make 1st rank. so always keep to remember about keyword when create a gig. a best seller mean she/he invest time for keyword research. Thanks
  8. I have submited ID Card for verify my account , How Much need time to complete process?
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