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  1. there are many software to make videos but i find VideoScribe is best for making explanatory type videos . you can make slider also using this software .
  2. This is not recommended. Its like you are resubmitting your gig for review again and again. If the Fiverr Editorial Team has reviewed your gig and and has given a green signal, your gig is reinstated into the search results. But if you are overdoing it, you are making your gig stand in a queue to be reviewed again and again by Fiverr Editors, it will never show in the search results for the time being it is under review. Don’t over do it, unless needed!! Thank you for you advice and you explain it very deeply .
  3. thank you every one for your time . i just change my gig for improvements .
  4. editing gig again and again have negative impact ? i am newbie and change gig pic 4 5 time and add or removing description is good or not ?
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